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Description: Various methods to increase ball mill output
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There are endless ways to increase the production of ball mills, and ball mill manufacturers can try them, but in the pursuit of ball mill production methods, we must pay attention to scientific methods to create more economic benefits for the majority of ball mill customers, for this we must continue to work hard! Improve Various methods of ball mill output Many ball mill manufacturers are thinking about the same problem, that is, how to increase the output of the ball mill based on the original. Of course, SBM Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. also continues to summarize and improve, and then summarizes the following four methods To share with you:First, reduce the particle size of the ore grinder into the grinding material, and the basic work must be done well, to control the moisture of the material into the mill, generally 1.5% ~ 1.8%.Second, strengthen the management of grinding bodies, some of the grinding balls are steel balls, and some are steel forging. Manufacturers need to increase the grinding body loading capacity within a suitable range to a large extent. The steel balls in a warehouse must be smooth, high quality, and make up large balls in time. The second warehouse is mainly for grinding. The larger the surface area of ​​the grinding body, the finer the grinding material.3. The ventilation inside the ball mill must be strengthened. This can cool the material inside the mill, improve the grindability of the material, discharge the water vapor in the mill in time, reduce the phenomenon of clogging of balls and rafters, and increase the flow rate of the material in the mill. Generally speaking, the wind speed of open-circuit mill is 0.7 ~ 1.2m / s, and the wind speed of closed-circuit mill is 0.3 ~ 0.7m / s.Fourth, the structure of the ball mill is improved, and the air extraction device is installed in the exhaust pipe to reduce the over-milling of the material.
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