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Description: Too low temperature will cause freezing and damage of new sand making machine oil
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The new sand making machine is used for crushing and sand making machine of medium and very hard ore materials. With the acceleration of domestic construction and stricter control of environmental protection, domestic control of river sand collection and market demand for sand have been strengthened. The gap is getting wider, and the sales of new sand making machines are also increasing year by year. Now that winter is coming, in order to ensure the stability of the new sand making machine, the warmth of the equipment is a job to do. So why should we pay attention to the warm preheating measures in winter? Here, the editor will briefly explain why the new sand making machine needs heat preservation. I hope that friends who use sand making equipment can help avoid unnecessary trouble.1. Check the new sand making machine before operation every day and preheat the equipment.2. When the temperature is lower than too low, replace the oil and oil in the temperature-changing box with low-temperature antifreeze lubricant in time to avoid the temperature being too low and freeze and damage the lubricant.3. For the oil level of the reducer, the triangular bandwidth is loose, and the degree of gear wear ensures the normal operation of the machine. Replace the accessories and lubricant in time.4. If it is necessary to cover the equipment and equipment in time, the dirt on the sand making machine should be cleaned regularly to avoid affecting the service life of the equipment.Most mining equipment, such as new sand makers, are made from steel. Prolonged open-air operation or water vapor is sufficient. Adding a period of idle time, the body rust is a very normal chemical reaction. The internal crushing chamber corresponding to the new type of sand production is also rusted. This is because the inner wall and the material (usually rocks, ore, etc.) are rubbed during the crushing process, and the inner wall is scratched. Rust. It doesn't matter if it rusts, but it should be handled in time to prevent rust for a long time, causing damage to the machine and affecting the normal use of the new sand making machine.
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