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Description: Possible failure and elimination method of hammer sand making machine
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Let us first introduce the hammer sand making machine. Hammer sand making machine, also known as hammer crusher, is mainly used to crush minerals of various brittle materials. The materials that are forced to be aged are coal, salt, stone bone, alum, brick, Tile, limestone, etc., the compressive strength of the material does not exceed 1500 kg / cm2, humidity is not more than 15%, let's talk about the common faults and solutions of the hammer sand machine.Possible failure (1): The amount of vibration increases. Cause of failure: The rotor is not well balanced when replacing or assembling the sander hammer. Elimination method: remove the hammer and select the hammer by weight so that the total weight of each hammer is equal to the total weight of the hammer on the hammer shaft.Possible failures (2): Production is reduced. The cause of the malfunction: 1. The slit of the sieve is blocked. 2. The feeding is uneven. Elimination method: 1. Remove the blockage in the gap of the sieve after parking. 2. Adjust the feeding mechanism.Possible failures (3): The bearing temperature is too high. The cause of the failure: 1. Insufficient lubricating oil 2. Lubricating oil is dirty 3. Bearing damage Elimination method: 1. Add appropriate amount of lubricating oil. 2. Replace the lubricant after cleaning the bearing 3. Replace the bearing.Possible failures (4): The size of the discharge is too large. The cause of the failure: 1. Excessive hammer wear 2. Broken sieve. Elimination method: 1. Replace the hammer 2. Replace the sieve.Possible failures (5): The knocking sound is generated inside the machine. The cause of the failure: 1. The material that cannot be broken enters the inside of the machine. 2. The fasteners are loose, the hammer hits the liner. 3. Hammer or other parts Breaking. Elimination method: 1. Clean the crushing chamber after parking 2. Check the fastening of the liner and the gap between the hammer and the sieve. 3. Replace broken parts
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