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Description: The sand making machine must be well-lubricated for the long-term continuous production of the transmission parts
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In order to solve this problem, the factory often chooses to extend the production time to catch up with the production. Therefore, the sand making machine will have long-term continuous production in production. Under this phenomenon, customers may Reducing the care of the sand making machine and relaxing the inspection and maintenance work of the sand making machine is very wrong. Especially for the lubrication work of the transmission parts, the maintenance rules must be strictly observed. Only in this way can the production be guaranteed and the equipment be protected. .
Under normal circumstances, the lubrication form implemented in the sand making machine is dry oil lubrication, and the added amount accounts for the bearing cavity. In the sand making equipment, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of grease every certain period of operation. At the same time, in order to ensure the energy-saving and efficient production of sand-making equipment, we need to adjust the tension of the transmission triangle tape of the sand-making machine to improve the force of the V-belt. When driving with a double motor, The triangular tape on both sides should be selected in groups, and the length of each group should be the same as possible. Regularly stop the observation of the wear inside the sand making machine by the observation door, whether it is the center inlet pipe or the upper and lower flow channel lining of the impeller. If the equipment is worn out, it should be repaired or replaced immediately. At this time, the wear block needs to be replaced, so as to maintain the weight balance of the wear block, it is strictly prohibited during the crushing process.
A good sand making machine must strictly abide by the maintenance guidelines, in order to maintain the performance of the sand machine equipment quality products, extend the life of the equipment, and create more benefits for customers.
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