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Description: Understand the process of sand making machine production line
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People's pursuit of life facilitation promotes the process of urbanization, and the pace of engineering construction is accelerated, and the demand for various types of basic building materials has also increased substantially. However, over-exploitation of raw river sand and sea sand is not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, the development of mining machinery and heavy industry has become an important foundation.
Learn about the sander production line process to help you choose a more suitable brand.
Feeders, crushers, shredders, belt conveyors, electric control centers, etc. are the main process equipment for the sand making machine production line. Among them, the corresponding crushing machine can be selected for the degree of crushing (coarse crushing, medium crushing, crushing) that needs to be achieved.
The sand making machine production line is mainly used for crushing, shaping and refining of large hard, medium hard or cartilage materials such as perlite, granite, basalt, pebbles and hard limestone.
Artificial sand is formed through the sand making process, which is suitable for various industries that require aggregates. Such as fireproof materials, concrete, ore, metallurgy, etc. In special cases, the sand making machine can also be used to speed up the reconstruction of the disaster area and the house relocation.
At the same time, in order to comply with different process requirements and achieve different design yields, various types of equipment can be split and combined. The assembly of the production line is very flexible.
Next, the basic process flow of the sand making machine is briefly introduced.
The equipment adopts the principle of stone mutual attack and iron stone. The raw materials enter the vibrating feeder through dumping, etc., and the raw materials are transported to various crushers through the belt conveyor and the hoist to be crushed. After breaking, the sand machine is transported through the belt conveyor, and the sand making machine will aggregate the aggregate. Further breaking, breaking, and shaping. The treated aggregate enters the “sieve” of the vibrating screener for vibration screening, and then transported to the gravel washer for cleaning to the finished sand making machine. A basic set of sand making process ends here.
At present, the mature process equipment has greatly improved the automation operation degree of the production line. After reasonable mechanical selection and assembly, the purpose of low operating cost and high breaking rate can be achieved. Energy saving, large output and easy maintenance are its characteristics. The finished sand produced can meet the standards of all levels, the needle rate is low, and the production grade is matched, and the particle shape is good and uniform.
According to customer needs (mainly stone specifications, stone use) to determine the equipment assembly of the production line. The manufacturer provides comprehensive service and technical support, and configures the process according to the objective production conditions of the customer on site to achieve a rational, economical and efficient production line.
With an understanding of the basic production process, you can judge whether the equipment products meet your needs by observing the production process, and thus choose a product that is more in line with your brand.
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