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Description: Technical highlights and balance weight method of VSI sand making machine
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After the VSI sand making machine is assembled, it is placed on the display stand of our company's sand making machine for visitors to visit our factory. VSI sand making machine is an improved model of PCL sand making machine. Its characteristics are different from that of counter-attacking sand making machine, but it is often used with counter-attacking sand making machine in making sand. First of all, to understand the technical features of VSI sand making machine.Technical highlights of VSI sand making machine:VSI sand making machine adopts light oil lubrication system, which can effectively dissipate heat during spindle bearing operation and prolong bearing service life. Light oil system can effectively lubricate bearing friction and improve bearing rotation speed during work, thereby greatly improving work efficiency. VSI sand making machine adopts steel plate bending heat riveting technology. The appearance of the machine body is more environmentally friendly, enhances the structural strength and toughness of the equipment, ensures the smooth operation of the equipment, and raises the quality to a whole new level.VSI sand making machine motor balance problem solutionTo find out where the VSI sand making machine motor is unbalanced, repeat the above test while rotating the rotor at the same speed in the opposite direction. Mark with another colored pencil. The midpoint between the two markers at that time determined the location of the imbalance. Place a counterweight at the other end of the diameter. The size of the balance weight should be chosen so that the vibration of the bearing is eliminated. It is also possible to cut off some of the weight in the other part of the VSI sand machine motor instead of increasing the counterweight. In order to increase the sensitivity, the machine speed can be chosen at will, so that the bearings get the maximum vibration. After the balance of the rotor is good, the bearing of this head is fixed and the bearing of the other head is loosened, and the other method is used to balance the other end.
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