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Description: What are the defects of conventional sand making machine?
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With the continuous development of large-scale railway construction, highway construction, and water conservancy projects, construction and other industries have developed rapidly. Demand for sand aggregates has been rising in the market. The scarcity of natural sand resources is far from meeting market demand. Many areas restrict the exploitation and prohibition of the extraction of natural sand. Machine-made sand and artificial sand have gradually become the main source of sand aggregate in the market. Today, the artificial sand making technology is becoming more and more mature. It is very convenient to use Sand making machine equipment to produce machine-made sand. However, there are some deficiencies in the artificial sand making equipment.The artificial sand making process is complicated, the investment is large, and the construction period is long. However, the quality can be controlled steadily, and the production intensity is high, free from external conditions. With the continuous updating and design of the sand making equipment, the sand making process is becoming more intelligent and advanced. Artificial sand making process will also be simpler, more stable and more productive.Defects in conventional sand making equipment: At present, artificial sand in China is limited by the feed particle size of the sand making equipment, and the sand making raw materials are only obtained after multi-stage crushing (generally three to four).The ultra-fragmented cone crusher has high investment cost and low output, and it has lower sand-making efficiency for high-hardness rock and it is difficult to adapt to large-scale artificial gravel systems.The bar mill has high operating costs and labor intensity.The vertical axis impact type sand making machine has a large crushing ratio and a good product sand size. The impact type sand making machine has a good effect of processing hard river pebbles, granites, basalt, andesite and quartz stones, and is currently one of the most widely used machined sand equipments. The vertical axis impact sand making equipment still has its shortcomings. Its ability to produce sand is between 30% and 45%, and its fineness modulus is around 3.0. Whether or not the content fluctuates greatly depending on the nature of the raw material and the moisture content of the raw material, and it is difficult to control.PCL impact sand making machine is also a Barmac sand making machine with a processing capacity of 352t/h, a sand forming ratio of 32.3%, ie 113.7t/h, a fine sand modulus of 3.10, and a content of 8.93%.
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