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Description: Comprehensive maintenance measures for sand making machines
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The sand making machine controls the key part of the whole artificial sand manufacturing process. If the long-term sickness of the sand making machine will seriously affect the production of high-quality artificial sand, the daily maintenance of the sand making machine is very important. Check the vortex chamber to see if the door is closed before driving to prevent the material from escaping from the vortex chamber. Check the direction of rotation of the impeller, as seen from the direction of the inlet. The impeller should be turned counterclockwise, otherwise the motor wiring should be adjusted. The order of starting the sand making machine and the conveying equipment must be paid attention to. The correct order should be like this: discharge--> sand making machine--> feeding. The sand making machine must be started at no load, and the feeding machine should be fed after the sanding machine is running normally. The order of shutdown is exactly the opposite of the boot sequence. The incoming granules must be made according to the specified standards. It is forbidden to enter the sand making machine larger than the specified materials. Otherwise, the imbalance of the impeller and the excessive wear of the impeller may be caused, and even the impeller passage and the center feeding pipe may be blocked, so that the crushing plants cannot be normal. Work, found that large feeds should be eliminated in time. When the discharge device is stopped, the feeding should be stopped in time. Otherwise, the impeller will be crushed and the motor will be burnt. Most of the problems will be ignored. Again, be sure to pay attention. Everyone must be uniform, this is generally noticed, because now is the mechanized feeding, mainly when the final stop work, the feeding may be uneven, to avoid this situation as little as possible. During the operation of the sand making machine, we heard severe vibration and abnormal noise, and should stop to check, otherwise the impeller in the machine will be damaged. Adding lubricant to the machine can be troublesome for some people, but lubrication is a guarantee of efficient machine operation. Add lubricant to the machine, preferably dry oil lubrication method, Mobil vehicle grease special grade, the amount of addition is 1/2-2/3 of the bearing cavity, when the crusher works, add the right amount of grease.
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