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Description: What are the maintenance techniques for VSI sand making machines?
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VSI sand making machine is the most advanced and most advanced mechanism sand equipment. It is widely used in hard pebbles, river pebbles, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, dolomite, iron ore, ore tailings, and stone chips. Sand making is a high-quality gravel aggregate for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing stations, and is the preferred equipment for artificial sand and stone shaping.There are some repairs during the use of the VSI sand making machine:1. The direction of rotation of the rotor must be counterclockwise when viewed from above the device. If the direction of rotation is incorrect, it will cause serious damage to the rotor. The two motors must be in the same direction of rotation. When the judgment is unclear, the V-belt can be removed to observe the steering of the two motors.2, VSI sand making machine lubrication method is thin oil lubrication, generally do not need to change the oil frequently. The equipment is equipped with the German original thin oil lubrication station. The double oil pump complements the oil supply, and automatically stops when there is no oil flow or oil pressure. The oil cooling and heating device ensures that the bearing lubrication is always in the best condition.3. Excessive particle size (greater than 60mm) mixed with iron or feedstock in the iron feedstock has a significant impact on the life of the throwing head. Therefore, always remove the iron on the iron remover and check if the screen is damaged. The use record of the throwing head indicates that the damage caused by abnormal causes can be eliminated, and the use time can reach more than 2700 h. For this purpose, a separator is mounted on the feed tape.4, the tension of the drive tape The appropriate tension is extremely important for the long-term, normal operating state of the drive tape, especially for dual-motor drive equipment. If the current of one motor is lower than the current of the other motor, it may be caused by the difference in the tape tension of the two motors. After the new tape is idle for 30 minutes, the tension should be re-adjusted, and then the feeding operation is run for 8 hours. Adjust again to eliminate the natural extension of the tape, otherwise it will easily burn the tape.5, dust control usually in the normal operation process, the air turbulence in the crushing chamber creates an ideal dust collecting environment, and does not need to use dust collecting equipment to reduce dust, but start or stop or insufficient feeding during operation A large amount of dust is discharged, and a water spray device can be installed at the discharge port, and a lock associated with the motor can be turned on/off, so that the sand machine automatically starts the spray device to control the dust discharge when driving or stopping.
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