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Description: How to deal with the reduction of the production of the river pebble ?
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Good at finding problems and diligently analyzing and solving them, whenever and wherever you want. The operation of the river pebble sand making machine is no exception. Usually, the user will often suffer from a decrease in production due to improper operation. When the output of the river pebble sand making machine is reduced, it directly affects the interests of users. If you need to find a response in time, you can solve this problem. Below, Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry personally shared the effective measures to reduce the production of the river pebble sand making machine.

First, increase the power of the device itself. When the machine is used for a long time, the panel may be moved, so that the strength of the machine will be reduced. Therefore, the user must remember to fix the gear during use to prevent it from moving or disengaging. In addition, it is best to use a wear-resistant panel, and always check the wear level of the panel, when the wear surface is too large, it should be replaced in time.

Second, choose the right broken material. Each crusher has its own suitable crushing range. If the broken material can be within this range, the crushing effect is more likely to be maximized. On the contrary, once this range is exceeded, the machine Not only does the output not achieve the desired results, it can even damage the equipment. Therefore, users must be cautious when selecting materials.

Finally, keep the state of the device. In the process of using the machine, a very important part is to control its wear and tear. It is recommended that you check the condition of the equipment regularly, especially the parts that are prone to problems such as panels and bearings. If the wear is not serious, the repair method can be used. If it is serious, it needs to be replaced, otherwise it will cause the equipment output. The sharp drop.

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