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Description: River pebble sand making machine is small, flexible, and has high productivity and environmental protection
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Under the premise of advanced technology, the river pebble sand making machine is no longer as bulky as the old machines, and has a simple structure and low cost. Because of the peculiarity of the spindle design inside, the river pebble sander can bear a certain load and can rotate at high speed. In terms of use, the material from the river pebble sand making mechanism is more finely divided, and in the process of use, the efficiency is improved and the noise of the conventional machine is reduced.
River pebbles are widely distributed in China, and their history of development and utilization has been long-standing. In the past, it was only used locally for simple applications. With the changes of the times and the advancement of science and technology, the successful development of the river pebble sand making machine has made the river pebble have a larger scope of use. After the river pebble is crushed and processed by the river pebble sand making machine, it becomes a machine sand, which is widely used in various constructions. The river pebble sand making machine is small, flexible and has high productivity and is very popular in the market. The river pebble sand making machine has high crushing efficiency, fine crushing and coarse grinding function; simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low running cost; strong ability to pass non-broken materials, small influence by moisture content of materials, water content up to 8% The product has excellent grain shape, is cubic, and has a very low needle-like content.
The material enters the river pebble sand making machine from the feeding hopper, and the material is divided into two parts through the feeder, and a part is transferred into the high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of the distributor, and is rapidly accelerated in the impeller, and the speed of the river pebble sand making machine can reach Hundreds of times the gravitational acceleration, then ejected from the three uniformly distributed flow paths of the impeller at a speed of 60-70 m/s. First, it is impacted and broken by a part of the material falling from the periphery of the distributor, and then impacted together with the vortex The material lining on the cavity rebounds by the material lining, impacts obliquely upward to the top of the vortex chamber, changes its direction of motion, deflects downward, and the material emitted from the impeller runner forms a continuous material curtain. Such a material is subjected to two or even multiple chances of impact, friction and grinding and crushing in the vortex breaking chamber. The broken material is discharged from the lower discharge opening. During the whole crushing process, the materials are crushed and broken by themselves, and are not in direct contact with the metal components, but are impacted, rubbed and pulverized with the material lining, which reduces pollution and prolongs mechanical wear time. The ingenious airflow inside the vortex chamber self-circulates, eliminating dust pollution. The world today advocates sustainable development, and we must do everything possible to reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, the river pebble sand making machine and sand making production line also adhere to the principle of green health and respond to the country's call to minimize pollution.
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