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Precautions for using a sand making machine1. The normal operating temperature of the sandbox bearing box is 40°C~60°C, and the maximum allowable temperature is 70°C. After half an hour of operation, if the temperature exceeds 70°C, it indicates that there is a certain problem in the bearing box, and it should be shut down for maintenance.2. When the sand loader is running, the feed size is not allowed to exceed the maximum particle size allowed by the equipment.3. When the sanding machine is initially fed, there will usually be an unbalanced process of about 30~60s. In this case, the feeding cannot be stopped, and the feeding amount is increased as much as possible until the vibration is lowered. When the feed particles are large, intermittent vibration will occur, and return to the normal state after a few seconds. This is due to the fact that a certain throwing head of the rotor is stagnant, and the normal situation caused by the accumulation of the accumulated material is eliminated. tension.4. The vibration is intensified during the operation of the sand making machine, which indicates that there may be non-uniform wear between the wear-resistant parts and the rotor, which is caused by the unbalanced state caused by the non-symmetrical rotor and the accumulated material, or the looseness of the taper sleeve of the pulley. . After the normal vibration is removed, the inspection can be stopped. In addition, the vibration switch installed on the sand making machine can be set. When it detects unbalanced vibration, it will stop actively before equipment damage and personal injury occur.5. The rotor wear parts of the sand making machine are designed to protect the rotor body from wear. In order to ensure trouble-free operation of the sand making machine, the inspection of the rotor wear parts and the machine internal lining must be included in the routine, and the wear parts of a work class should not be replaced in time. Every 8-10 hours of operation, check the inside and appearance of the rotor and sand making machine, and add grease to the bearing box.6. Check the current of the sand making machine motor. If the motor current is too large and the motor is overloaded, reduce the feeding amount until the current value is normal.
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