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Description: Some advantages you don’t know about the river pebble sand making machine
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River pebble is a kind of pure natural stone. It is taken from the sandstone mountain produced by the uplift of the ancient riverbed after the crustal movement that occurred thousands of years ago. It has experienced continuous crushing and friction during the impact of mountain flooding and flowing water. The river pebble sand making machine is also called the river pebble sanding machine. It is a new type of high-efficiency sand making equipment designed with reference to the working principle of each type of crusher and based on the information feedback of the user's specific use situation and its advantages.
 1. River pebble use value
River pebbles are non-toxic, odorless, non-marking, hard quality, bright and simple, with natural stone properties of compression, wear and corrosion resistance. It is an ideal green building material. Natural river egg ore is produced into a river egg sand after a series of processing such as crushing, sand making and sieving. River egg sand is an important industrial mineral raw material. It is widely used in the engineering field of water conservancy and hydropower, high-grade highways, highways, high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal works, high-rise buildings, sand production and stone shaping. River pebbles are also widely used as aggregates for concrete. The river has rich resources of pebble, relatively low collection cost and high application value.
2, river pebble sand making equipment
Natural river pebbles are firstly crushed by a jaw crusher according to the size of the grain. The crushed crude material is conveyed by a belt conveyor to a counter-shatter or a cone to be finely crushed. The finely crushed stone material is sieved into two kinds of stones in the vibrating sieve to meet the grain size of the sand making machine, and the other part is returned to the fine broken. The river pebble sand making machine is a very important core sand making equipment. The equipment has the small grain size of gravel discharge, uniform grain size, large production capacity, long hammer life, small supporting power, and three-stage crushing to secondary crushing. The advantages of simplified process, simple structure, convenient maintenance and stable operation. The equipment investment is lower than the traditional processing equipment of the same scale by 35%-50%, and the output efficiency is higher than the traditional processing equipment of the same scale by 35%-50%. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a high quality river pebble sand making machine. A part of the stone of the sand machine is made into sand, which is washed by a sand washing machine to make a finished sand, and the other part is broken into a river pebble sand making machine.
3. How much is the river pebble sand making machine?
As the core equipment in the river pebble sand making process, it is very important to purchase a high quality and low price river pebble sand making machine, but the price of the equipment is related to many factors. If you want to know the specific quotation of the equipment, please contact us, we will have professionals to choose the right equipment according to your production scale, production, import and output granularity.
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