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Description: Introduction of utility model sand making machine
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We know the sand making machine equipment is diverse in weight and the new sand making machine emerges one after another. Today we introduce you a very economical and practical sand making machine - vertical shaft impact sand making machine.The utility model sand making machine is a type of impact sand making machine, which comprises a machine frame, a crushing chamber, a chamber cover, a feeding hopper, an impeller, a spindle assembly, a discharging opening, a transmission device, an opening device, A sleeve and a side plate of the frame, the crushing cavity is arranged in the rack, the cavity cover is arranged on the upper end of the crushing cavity, the hopper is arranged on the cavity cover, the impeller and the spindle assembly are arranged in the crushing cavity, the impeller is connected with the spindle assembly, The main shaft assembly is connected with the transmission device, the feed hopper is located above the impeller, the material inlet is located below the main shaft assembly, the assembly sleeve is sleeved outside the main shaft assembly, the side plate of the machine frame is arranged in the crushing chamber, And is fixed with the assembly sleeve, the opening device is installed on the rack; the jack is connected with the fixing plate. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure design, improved working efficiency, increased output of stone material and reduced equipment loss.The sand making equipment is very suitable for hard pebbles, granite, basalt, andesite, dolomite, quartz, diabase and other hard rock crushing sand, and iron ore, copper ore, lead and zinc crushing operation. Unique design makes the sand making equipment wear level, long-term use does not require replacement of wearing parts, very economical.Sand making machine manufacturers SBM, reliable quality, advanced technology, after-sale protection! SBM professional to provide you with sand making equipment such as VSI sand making machine, PCL impact sand making machine, pebble sand making machine, pebble sand making machine, quartz Sand making machine, perlite sand making machine, lime sand making machine, granite sand making machine and basalt sand making machine.
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