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Description: How to do the environmental protection work of the mechanism sand production line?
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In the production of sand making machine, they are generally affected by equipment and process products, which are prone to dust pollution and sewage problems, and most enterprises are busy pursuing economic benefits. If they forget to do so, they will cause sewage cross-flow later. The mountains and the mountains are everywhere. In order to be able to pay attention to environmental protection during production, the state has strictly required environmental protection as a premise to reduce dust pollution, noise and wastewater pollution, so that the surrounding environment is not affected, and the degree of environmental pollution is reduced, then it needs to be done. Good environmental protection work for the mechanism sand production line, because it introduces several methods for everyone.
Mechanism sand production line at work
First of all, dust collection can be used, and high-efficiency dust collectors with high dust collection efficiency and technical reliability can be used at all dust discharge points. And to ensure that dust emission concentrations can reach national standards. There is also the use of closed and spray dusting of intermediates and scraps to reduce the impact of dust on the surrounding environment.
Secondly, the control of noise, users can choose equipment with low noise in the selection when purchasing equipment, and put the equipment into the closed factory area, and can also use the greening outside the workshop to block the noise.
Again, wastewater and sediment, wastewater can be divided into domestic wastewater and sand washing wastewater. The domestic wastewater is treated by mixing it with other sewage after being treated by the septic tank. After the treatment reaches the recycling standard, the water on the production line and the road sprinkling are used. If the production line uses wet production, the sand washing wastewater will be treated with waste cement. The treated water will be used for production water. The sediment after sludge treatment and the screened waste will be used. On the uneven land of the mine, this achieves zero discharge of waste cement.
A good production line can meet the dust emission, noise, and waste cement sand emissions, and can meet the national environmental protection requirements. At the same time, it is also important for the quality of the mechanism sand, which not only makes the enterprise have good economic benefits. It can also have high environmental benefits. ZENITH heavy-duty production sand making machine equipment, if you still need to buy equipment for sand production line, you are always welcome to inquire, we will be happy to serve you.
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