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Description: What are the common problems in the use of sand washing machinery?
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In the process of using the sand washing machine, the bearing is often repaired: the rotating shaft is rotated by the bearing support, which is the most heavy part and is easy to wear. 1 fault check - check during operation: When the rolling bearing is short of oil, you will hear the sound of "bone bones"; if you hear the sound of discontinuous "stalks", the bearing steel ring may be broken. When the bearing is mixed with sand or other debris or the bearing parts are slightly worn, slight noise is generated. Check after disassembly: first check the bearing rolling element, inner and outer steel ring for damage, rust, scar, etc., then pinch the inner ring of the bearing, and flatten the bearing, the other hand push the outer rigid ring, if the bearing is good The outer steel ring should be rotated smoothly, without vibration and obvious stagnation during the rotation. After the rotation, the outer steel ring does not reverse. Otherwise the bearing is no longer usable. The left hand is stuck in the outer ring, and the right hand pinches the inner steel ring and pushes it in all directions. If it feels loose when pushed, it is severely worn. 2 Fault repair: The rust spots on the outer surface of the bearing can be erased with No. 00 sandpaper and then put into gasoline for cleaning; or if the bearing has cracks, the inner and outer rings are broken or the bearing is excessively worn, the new bearing should be replaced. When replacing a new bearing, use the same bearing as the original model. Sanding machine shaft failure repair shaft bending: If the bending is not large, it can be repaired by polishing the journal and slip ring; if the bending is more than 0.2mm, the shaft can be placed under the press and the pressure is corrected at the bending point. The corrected shaft surface is polished by a lathe; if the bending is too large, a new shaft is required. Journal wear: When the journal wear is not large, a layer of chrome can be plated on the journal and then ground to the required size. When there is more wear, it can be welded on the journal and then polished on the lathe; When the journal wear is too large, it is also turned 2-3 mm on the journal, and then a sleeve is placed, which is placed on the journal and then turned to the required size.SBM machinery produces mining machinery and equipment, including sand washing machine, sand making machines, crushers, fine sand recycling machines and other common mechanical equipment. SBM Machinery Company mainly produces mining machinery and equipment. SBM machinery has been producing mining machinery and equipment for many years, and its production technology is mature, which is the favorite object of many businesses. SBM machinery production equipment sold to domestic and foreign regions, SBM machinery can sell mechanical equipment abroad because SBM machinery has sufficient strength, followed by SBM machinery is a good faith-based machinery manufacturer, SBM machinery Strong strength, high credibility, so everyone is recognized. The main features of the equipment produced by SBM Machinery are high production efficiency and can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Secondly, SBM has strong mechanical wear resistance and is a favorite object of many merchants. It has long service life, simple operation, convenient use and high efficiency. SBM machinery produces a wide variety of machinery and equipment, all kinds of mechanical equipment models, so the business to buy machinery from SBM machinery is because SBM machinery and equipment have their own requirements, is a good machine manufacturer of all types of equipment. SBM machinery completes production and sales as one of the manufacturers, the quality is guaranteed, is a very good manufacturer. Specifically, if you want mechanical equipment, you can contact SBM machinery at any time. SBM Machinery will analyze and understand for you in detail, and make the right choice for you. At the same time, SBM Machinery is also looking forward to cooperating with you.
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