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Description: Why is your ultrafine grinding efficiency lower than others?
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Ultrafine grinding in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining and other fields of mineral materials processing has a wide range of applications. According to the fineness of the plastic material and the fineness of the material, ultrafine mill can be divided into many types, such as Raymond mill, ultrafine mill, trapezoidal mill and so on. Ultrafine mill production efficiency directly affects the manufacturer's profit, the factors that affect the production efficiency of ultrafine grinding, must pay more attention in the production. Xiao Bian to discuss with you all the factors that affect the production efficiency of ultrafine grinding are what.Material hardnessMaterial hardness is an important factor affecting the production efficiency of ultrafine grinding. The harder the material, the more difficult it is to process and the more severe the wear on the equipment. When the material hardness is high, the grinding speed of the ultrafine grinding is very slow, the grinding capacity is small, and the production efficiency is low. Therefore, in the daily use of equipment, should be strictly in accordance with the use of ultra-fine grinding instructions, grinding the appropriate hardness of the material.Material humidityEach model of grinding equipment for the material moisture content requirements are not the same, but no matter what type of equipment production efficiency will be largely affected by the water content. When the material moisture content is high, the material is easy to adhere in the ultra-fine grinding, but also easily blocked in the feeding process, resulting in reduced capacity of ultra-fine grinding mill, reducing production efficiency. At the same time, it will also block the circulating air duct, the analyzer discharge port, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to control the water content of the material and generally can control the water content of the material by the drying operation before production.
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