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Description: The main parameters to pay attention to when purchasing gypsum powder ultrafine grinding
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Gypsum powder is an important gelling material. Generally, the pure gypsum powder is white or colorless and transparent. If it is doped with other impurities, it will have different colors, such as gray, light yellow and light brown. Gypsum powder is an important industrial raw material and plays an important role in the national economy. With the extensive development and application of gypsum products, gypsum powder has an increasing influence on people's production and life. Gypsum powder ultrafine mill is mainly used for the crushing operation of gypsum powder. Because some industry fields require a lot of fineness of gypsum powder, it has promoted the widespread application of gypsum powder ultrafine grinding. For the user, when purchasing the superfine grinding of gypsum powder, it is not only the parameters such as the cylinder rotation speed, the ball loading amount, the inlet and outlet material granularity, the output, etc., but also two points that require special attention of the user.1. Loadability of gypsum powder superfine grinding - bearing capacityThe load of ultra-fine grinding of gypsum powder refers to the sum of some loads, including the load of the ball, the load of the material and the sum of the water. The load characteristics of the ultra-fine grinding of the gypsum powder directly affect the quality of the finished product. On the other hand, the load characteristics of gypsum powder ultrafine mill is also an important parameter for checking its automatic control ability. The electric load of gypsum powder ultra-fine grinding also affects the production efficiency. When the gypsum powder ultra-fine grinding is in normal operation, its load should be in a stable water product, which can greatly reduce the power consumption and increase the production output.2. Electric power dragging ability of gypsum powder superfine grindingThe rated power of the motor used for ultra-fine grinding of gypsum powder is 1.05-1.1 times of the actual motor power required for ultra-fine grinding. In this way, the motor can be driven to a full load during the working process, so as to fully utilize the electric energy. Different types of gypsum powder ultra-fine grinding should use different voltages in order to get good production results. The gypsum powder produced by our company has high performance, long service life and wide audience. It is very popular among users and is a must-have equipment for your investment in the gypsum powder industry.
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