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Bauxite (bauxite), also known as bauxite or bauxite, the main component is alumina, aluminum oxide containing impurities, is a kind of earthy mineral. White or gray, yellow or light red due to iron. Density 3.9 ~ 4g / cm3, hardness 1 ~ 3, opaque, brittle. Extremely difficult to melt. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide solution. Mainly used for aluminum, refractory system. Modern aluminum industry uses molten cryolite-alumina (cryolite) to directly dissolve the alumina powder milled by the mill, obtain the molten aluminum by electrolysis, and then cast into aluminum ingots or other strand shapes. After ingot into industrial applications, there are two categories: cast aluminum and deformed aluminum. Casting aluminum and aluminum alloys are castings made of aluminum by the casting method. Deformed aluminum and aluminum alloys are processed products of aluminum by pressure processing: plates, strips, foils, tubes, rods, patterns, wires and forgings.Traditional aluminum production using imported large milling machine grinding and grinding of raw materials, high cost, the use of domestic mill equipment, low efficiency, so difficult to weigh about, long plagued the development of aluminum companies. The Shanghai SBM introduced a new ultrafine mill on a timely manner to solve this problem. Years of research and development of the latest technology, efficient production capacity, a wide range of grinding particle size and energy saving design concept, the application of ultrafine mill truly realized the production process of economic efficiency and production efficiency of the combination. The introduction of a lower equipment can bring greater production capacity, the introduction of the new mill will undoubtedly bring a new impetus to the domestic electrolytic aluminum industry, the electrolytic aluminum and even the entire powder industry to bring the fast lane .From:http://www.canadacrusher.com/news/news-124.html
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