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Description: Operation and maintenance of graphite ultrafine mill
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Graphite ultrafine powder machine is mainly used to produce ultrafine powder. This equipment will generate friction between various parts during the production process, which has certain damage to the various parts of the equipment. It will affect the service life of the equipment. In addition to this friction, if the operation of the staff is not correct, the equipment will be damaged during the production process. In order to solve this problem, the graphite ultrafine mill is introduced here. The operation and maintenance of the powder machine equipment.The first is the operation mode of the equipment. Generally speaking, each ore production equipment has a relatively standardized operation flow, and it is only necessary to operate according to this operation mode during production. The operation of the graphite milling equipment generally ensures that the doors and windows of the equipment are tight, and there is no residual material inside the equipment, and the initially broken materials need to be sent to the storage bin for storage to ensure that the equipment can be started after these points.In order to make the material after production better meet the production requirements, at the same time as starting the graphite ultrafine mill powder equipment, it is necessary to make a reasonable adjustment of the motor speed to make it better to produce, and additionally need to start electromagnetic vibration. The feeder and the feed amount are adjusted appropriately so that the feedstock can be continuously and evenly carried out. After doing these work, the mill equipment can be officially started.Secondly, the maintenance operation of the equipment, the maintenance operation can effectively extend the service life of the equipment, so that the production project can obtain greater benefits. The maintenance operation of the ultrafine mill equipment generally has the following precautions:When the equipment is not in use, it should be regularly and regularly checked. It is mainly to add lubricating oil to the equipment. When adding, you need to pay attention to the lubrication degree of the equipment. If the equipment is clogged during the production process, it must be closed in time. The motor will clear the material before it can be turned on again.The above article mainly introduces the operation and maintenance of the graphite ultra-fine grinding machine. In the normal working process, these tasks can better make the equipment serve the production.
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