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Description: Silicon carbide ultrafine mill daily operation and maintenance
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The work environment of silicon carbide ultrafine mill is generally rather harsh, and the daily work load is also relatively large, so it is very important to do daily operation and maintenance precautions. It has an important impact on the performance of ultrafine grinding production lines and the life span, and will directly Affects the effect of ultra-fine grinding products and the benefits of customers. Familiar with the daily use knowledge and maintenance specifications of the mill, it can ensure the good operation of machinery and equipmentIn the work chamber of the silicon carbide ultrafine mill, the rotating mill roller bracket is driven by the bottom of the mill to generate centrifugal force, and the grinding roller and the grinding ring constantly receive and break the uniform material. A large amount of air is blown under the grinding ring, and the broken material is blown toward the grading machine. The qualified fine powder is sent to the next step, and the large unqualified material particles fall down the cylinder wall and fall again into the crushing chamber and break again. Repeatedly.What are the precautions for the daily operation and maintenance of silicon carbide ultrafine mill?Point, silicon carbide ultra fine grinding machine for the size of the material size to be controlled within a specific range, if the feed size is in this range, you can quickly complete the production process, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of production, reduce production efficiency, damage equipment Therefore, silicon carbide ultra-fine grinding manufacturers must pay attention to the size of the feed in production. There is also a good grasp of the moisture content of the material: If the humidity is too high, it is very likely that the discharge pipe will be blocked and the quality of the finished product will be affected. At the same time, the speed of feeding must be moderate. Too fast will cause a large workload for the mill production line, and even cause blockage, which will seriously damage the grinding machine and cause a safety accident.The second point is that any abnormality of the grinding machine is found during the ultrafine mill process of silicon carbide, and it must be promptly repaired. Before the production, check whether the equipment is damaged, such as whether the anchor bolts are loose and whether the blades are worn or not. Can be put into production, regardless of any abnormalities in production, must be shut down for careful inspection and maintenanceSBM Superfine Mill has a large number of customer sites at home and abroad. It can provide detailed production process design solutions for silicon carbide production lines, and design production line equipment according to the actual production conditions of customers. The fineness of processed ore fines is high and the passing rate is high. Large output, try to meet the needs of customers of different scales and different production environments. The silicon carbide ultra-fine grinding machine has a fine crushing degree of up to 3000 meshes and can be freely adjusted between 300-3000 meshes, which can surely satisfy the expected production effect of the silicon carbide ultrafine mill in terms of fineness.
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