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Description: Ultra-fine powder mill has been greatly developed in the environmental protection industry
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In recent years, with the increasing demand for industrial milling, China's powder technology has achieved rapid development. The research and development of powder production, application and equipment manufacturing has progressed rapidly. New equipment and new products have appeared in the market. . With the rapid development of the powder industry, as an industrial ultrafine mill powder equipment manufacturing enterprise, industrial milling equipment has also been further improved and developed.As we all know, the annual loss of acid rain caused by the emission of SO2 in the air amounts to hundreds of billions, and what kind of milling process is used becomes the key to the success of the desulfurization project. In many milling processes, SBM ultra fine powder is recommended. Mills and vertical mills, for limestone and gypsum desulphurization, are specially designed for power plant desulphurization. The annual fly ash emissions of power plants are also in the hundreds of millions of tons. As the industrial waste discharged from power plants, the treatment has become a major headache for many companies. After research, because of its special physical properties, it can be widely used in the environmental protection industry after milling. Similarly, slag, water slag, steel slag and other industrial solid waste have also been reasonably recycled. After processing and processing the Ultrafine mill, these wastes have not only been dealt with in terms of environmental protection, but also have a more reasonable application in the comprehensive utilization of resources.
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