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Description: Application of ultrafine mill for processing limestone
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With the continuous development of China's economy, the mining of ultrafine Mill in the mine has been developed and utilized. Industrial solid waste has seriously damaged the ecological environment. Limestone is one of the commonly used materials. Limestone is produced after the ore is selected and processed. It has a high use value and will also protect the development of the ecological environment. The grinding principle of ultra-fine mill has obvious advantages in drying capacity, metal wear and simplification, etc. It has the characteristics of low noise, low dust pollution, low investment and low energy consumption, and has been widely used in cement and electric power. In the non-metallic mineral industry such as metallurgy and chemical industry, it has also been promoted and applied in large-scale production systems. With the increasingly mature technology of micro-grinding technology and the increasingly prominent technical advantages of micro-grinding products, it actively absorbs foreign countries. Successful experience, and through the continuous technological innovation and upgrading of the R&D team, successively launched grinding equipment with independent intellectual property rights.Since limestone is a silicate material, it can be used in many finished building materials. The material processed by the Ultrafine Mill can be used as cement to produce cement, clinker, lime, gypsum and other activators, showing hydraulic gelation. Performance is a high quality cement raw material. It can also be used as a substitute for natural sand and gravel, as concrete, reinforced concrete aggregate, heat-resistant concrete aggregate, auxiliary materials that require wear-resistant and non-slip highways, racing tracks, airstrips, railway slag, filling tunnels and foundation mats. Layer filler, sewage treatment medium, etc.With the continuous development of ultra-fine grinding machines, in today's increasingly rapid development, ultra-fine grinding machines have a good application of environmental pollution in the production of industrial operations. The ultra-fine grinding machine developed by us, The blast furnace slag can be further processed to reuse it and protect the ecological environment, greatly improving its use value. China's related research has proposed the cement industry to promote the promotion of micro-grinding, as a large-scale grinding equipment, micro-grinding, crushing, drying, grinding and conveying in one, the production efficiency can be higher, can be blocky, The granulated powdered material is ground into the desired powdery material.
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