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Description: How to judge whether the ultrafine mill's working efficiency is improved or reduced?
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In addition to its own hardness properties, mineral resources in nature cannot be processed by mechanical equipment such as crushers or mills. 85% of the materials can be widely used in the processing of powder machinery and equipment. The market, in many industries to play their own exclusive performance, therefore, the production efficiency of ultrafine mill is the focus of users, then, how to judge whether the ultra-fine mill efficiency is improved or reduced?

One method is: production in unit working hours. For the ultra-fine mill, according to the processing fineness requirements, there will be a production standard in the unit time. Through the evaluation of the output, it is concluded whether the work efficiency is improved or decreased within a certain period of time.

The second method is: the utilization coefficient of the ultra-fine mill, only when the equipment type, specification, ore property, mineral grain size and product size are consistent with the regulations, in the utilization coefficient of the ore particle size, the particle size of the product is similar. In order to reflect the nature and grinding of various ores, the utilization factor of specific particle size can more accurately reflect the working conditions, and the production capacity of different specifications, different feed sizes and product particle sizes can be compared.

These two methods are all a way to visually judge the working efficiency of the ultrafine mill. If the work efficiency is improved and the finished product is guaranteed, then it is necessary to summarize how this effect comes from. If the work efficiency is reduced, check it to see if there is a problem and need to adjust it in time.

SBM offers you a few ways to increase your productivity:

1. Ensure the dryness of the material, make the processing more effective, and there is no stickiness;

2, to maintain the uniformity of feeding, relaxation degree, responsible for causing blockage of the feed port or discharge port;

3. Regularly replace and repair the consumable parts, and the production progress will be affected after the wearing parts are struck;

4. For more information, please click on our customer service or call our hotline.

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