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Description: The difference between ultrafine mill and ordinary mill
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Superfine mill is a new type of mill that has been modified. Its fineness is much higher than that of ordinary Raymond Mill. The mill is technically improved on the basis of the traditional mill and has high efficiency and energy saving. The new ultrafine mill, then its ordinary milling equipment improved in those places, the following brief introduction. The new generation of ultra-fine grinding can be applied to the processing of ore milling below 9 grade, and the humidity is below 6 percent. The fineness is adjusted directly from 400-3000 meshes. The new type of grinding system device and high-tech grading equipment have made the new type of ultra-fine grinding very popular in the market, and have been praised by users' friends.The working process of the pulverizer: Firstly, the feeder feeds the material to the inside of the mill, and then the pulverization process is carried out under the action of the internal grinding device, and the material pulverization process between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The qualified material passes through the lower air channel. The wind flows upwards and passes the sorting pass of the analyzer. Here, the standard of grinding four hundred meshes is the pass of 400 meshes or more. The following falls back to the inside of the mill for re-grinding, and the lower part has a blade to carry out the material. Shovel the powder between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to achieve sufficient grinding material. After the qualified material passes through the analyzer, it enters the powder collector from the pipeline, and is collected by the powder collector according to the demand. Unsuitable dust is collected in the dust collector. The new ultra-fine grinding device adopts a negative pressure system. What is negative pressure? Simply put, it is lower than atmospheric pressure. That is, the internal pressure of the mill is less than the external atmospheric pressure. Some users will worry about whether or not they will enter the feed inlet of the mill. There will be material powder out, this is generally not the case. Unless the closure of the entire system of the mill is imperfect, the superfine grinding negative pressure is converted into a positive pressure system and dusting occurs. Therefore, the user must check whether the mill is tightly closed during the application process.
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