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Description: What are the advantages of ultra-fine grinding processing materials?
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Superfine grinding, also known as superfine pulverizer, can be said to be a derivative product of a pulverizer because it is based on the innovation of the pulverizer. The material processed is mostly, and the processed material is mostly available. Used to process barite, limestone, calcite, marble and other mineral materials, only from the appearance point of view, there is no difference between the two, can be from the appearance of the difference between the host and the ultrafine mill analysis and the use of high pressure The spring, using a soft connection, reduces the vibration of the superfine mill. Since superfine mills are more advanced than superfine mills, what are the advantages of superfine grinding materials?Ultra-fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding mills belong to the mining mill. In appearance, similar effects are often confused, but after all, ultra-fine grinding has been improved on the basis of ultra-fine grinding. Naturally, it has its own unique properties. What are the advantages of ultra-fine flour mills?The first is the fineness of the finished product and the size of the feed material. The ultra-fine mill discharges finer than the ultra-fine mill, and the pass rate is higher. Ultrafine Raymond mill discharge particle size is basically maintained between 100-325 mesh, while the ultra-fine mill discharge particle size is between 40-425 mesh, and the grinding material size is finer, the smallest Up to 3000 mesh. The smaller the original ultra-fine grinding feed is, the more stable the production is and the higher the processing efficiency, while the feed granularity of the high-pressure suspension mill is larger than that of Raymond Mill.Secondly, in terms of output, compared with Raymond Mill, a 1500kg-2000kg pressurizing device was designed in the upper part of the plum blossom frame in the main grinding chamber of the ultrafine mill. Under the same power, the output increased by 20-35%, which is higher than that of the superfine mill. Raymond milled higher.Again on the wearing parts, the ultra-fine mill relatively saves the wearing parts. The advantages of using high-pressure devices in ultra-fine grinding can not only increase the output but also make full use of the grinding roller ring. Before reaching the critical point of grinding under normal conditions, the high-pressure device can be adjusted so that the grinding roller and the grinding ring are in close phase pressure. use. Ultra-fine Raymonds does not work. In the long-term use, when the wear of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is large, even if the bolts and other parts are adjusted, they cannot be closely ground, and the finished powder cannot reach the desired fineness. Replace only wearing parts.On the range of processing materials, ultra-fine grinding is more applicable than ultra-fine Raymond's. It can process various materials with a Mohs hardness of 9.3 or less, which breaks through the limitations of Raymond Mill and expands the materials that can be machined and ground. It is an ideal choice for processing quartz, feldspar, talc, marble, calcite, limestone, granite, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite, gangue, coal and other materials.
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