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Description: The addition of ultra-fine mills makes kaolin more widely applicable
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Kaolin is a new type of rubber product filler developed in recent years. Kaolin is widely used in ceramics, rubber, plastics, artificial leather, cement, refractories, chemical and other industries and agriculture. With the further improvement of high beryllium beneficiation process, the addition of ultrafine mill has made the application of kaolin more extensive.Kaolin has two major fields. One is the filler used in papermaking (or papermaking) and the other is the pigment used in the surface coating process. For general culture paper, the amount of filler accounts for 10-20% of the paper weight. For coated paper and paperboard, in addition to the fillers, pigments are also required. The proportion of kaolin used for filling and pigments is 20-35% of the paper weight. Kaolin used in papermaking, can give good coverage of paper and good gloss coating performance, but also increase the paper's whiteness, opacity, smoothness and printability, greatly improve the quality of the paper.With the increasing development of the national economy in various fields, people are paying more and more attention to the deep processing of kaolin because it can not only acquire new materials with special properties, but also increase economic efficiency. One of the methods of deep processing of kaolin is to further heat kaolin clay, tannery, and tumble-dried kaolin to roast and dehydrate to make it into metakaolin and use it as a filler for plastic cable to increase the insulation of the cable sheath. performance.In terms of advanced technologies for defense, high-quality kaolin is required for nuclear reactors, jet aircraft, rocket fuel chambers, and nozzles. The development and manufacture of kaolin ultrafine mill further meets the market needs for the continuous development and expansion of kaolin. The kaolin superfine mill manufactured by SBM has excellent performance and characteristics and is the best choice for high-efficiency processing of kaolin.
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