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Description: Environment-friendly ultra-fine grinding, high efficiency and low consumption, superior ultra-fine grinding performance
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Environmental-friendly ultra-fine grinding, the upgrading of the traditional mill equipment, new products, the advent of the aircraft can completely solve the industrial milling operation of dust smog sky conditions, thus opening up a new chapter of efficient and low consumption of industrial milling. Based on this, the following is a brief explanation of the environmental protection type ultrafine mill equipment knowledge, the specific details are as follows:First, the environment-friendly ultra-fine grinding efficiency and low consumption reflect1. In terms of energy saving, under the operating environment with the same output value, the new version of environmental protection ultra-fine grinding machine can be 1-2 times more energy-saving than conventional mills.2, in terms of environmental protection, good equipment body seal design, coupled with the new advanced pulse dust collector equipped with auxiliary, effective dust removal up to 99.9% or more, and, for noise pollution, can also be used with some auxiliary silencing To achieve green milling operations.Second, the performance of environmental protection ultra-fine grinding show1. The fineness of finished powder after environmental protection ultra-fine grinding powder is even, and the screening rate can reach 99%;2. The environment-friendly ultra-fine grinding set integrates crushing, drying, grinding and grading and conveying. It has a compact layout and a small floor space, which can save users a large investment cost.3, the machine important parts are made of high-quality castings and profiles, which can greatly enhance the wear resistance of the equipment.Third, the environment-friendly Ultrafine mill into the cityFirst of all, from a large perspective, in the increasingly heated demand for energy-saving emission reduction, energy-saving and environmental protection is the future development trend of industrial milling equipment, so destined to the environment-friendly ultra-fine grinding into the market prospects will be a great;Secondly, from a small aspect, environmental-friendly superfine grinding is not inferior to other high-end milling equipments in terms of processing capability, or the display of milling effect, and the key point is that the machine also pays more attention to the protection of the environment. Therefore, in the face of growing environmental protection, environmental protection ultra-fine grinding into the city will surely sell.
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