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Description: How to do the blade of the high-pressure superfine mill
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What should I do if the blade of the high-pressure ultrafine mill is seriously worn? This problem is very simple. Replace the new blade quickly, remove the blade from the blade holder, and replace it with a new one to continue normal use, avoiding serious wear. The shovel is not expected to affect the output.Some users do not pay attention to this matter, and often ignore the use of a blade. At this time, if it is shipped from the factory, it is a transportation process that takes several days. It cannot be stopped because of this downtime, and the business will be affected.At this point, we would suggest that the user can arrange the personnel, first find the machining place, cut a blade, remember to be consistent with the original blade, so it is convenient to match, but because the blade is not as wear-resistant as the original The factory produces, so it can only be used for a while. When the new blade is received, it should be replaced in time.It is not a method of method, although it may seem to be very rigorous, but in order for the user to be able to produce normally, it will not affect the business due to the long-term shutdown of the high-pressure ultra-fine mill. I think this method can be used.
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