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Description: SBM ultrafine powder mill specializing in processing bentonite
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Bentonite is a non-metallic mineral mainly composed of montmorillonite. The montmorillonite structure is a 2: 1 crystal structure composed of two layers of silicon oxynitride sandwiched by aluminum octahedron bentonite [1] Some cations, such as Cu, Mg, Na, K and so on exist in the layered structure formed by the stone cell, and these cations and montmorillonite unit cell are not strong enough to be easily exchanged by other cations so that they have better ions Exchangeability. Foreign countries have applied more than 100 sectors in 24 fields of industrial and agricultural production, with over 300 products, so people call it "universal earth." Because of its good physical and chemical properties, bentonite is known as "universal" clay and can be used as binders, suspending agents, thixotropic agents, stabilizers, decontamination agents, filling materials, feedstuffs and catalysts. It is widely used in petroleum Mining, directional through, steel casting, metallurgical pellets, chemical coatings, fertilizer, Sizing, rubber, plastics, paper, water purification, moisture absorption agents, pesticides and other fields. As a bentonite processing equipment superfine powder mill, become its preferred equipment.SBM ultrafine mill wear material utilization rate is four times the service life of Raymond; power plant desulfurization is an efficient equipment; mainly used for a variety of crushed brittle materials, the hardness is less than 9 Mohs scale hardness The following materials pre-grinding process. Efficient in the case of the same size of the finished product, than other series of 40% higher yield of flour; Vulnerable parts with high availability of materials and finished products in the case of the same particle size, wearing parts life than Other mining machinery to be high; Safety and reliability of the mill rigorous design, there is no loosening of the screw and the problem of machine damage; clean environmental pulse precipitator and muffler to reduce the use of dust pollution and noise, reaching the national environmental standards.
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