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Description: Introduction to production materials of slag vertical roller mill
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Slag is a by-product of ironmaking in blast furnace. In the process of ironmaking, iron oxide is reduced to metal iron, silica and alumina in iron ore at high temperatureAnd other impurities and lime reaction to form silicate and silicoaluminate as the main components of the melt, after quenching into a texture of loose, porous particles, namely blast furnace slag, referred to as slag. Slag can be classified in different ways. According to the ratio of basic oxide (CaO+MgO) to acidic oxide (M), slag can be classified as basic slag (M> 1), neutral slag (M=1) and acidic slag (M< 1); According to the type of pig iron smelting, it can be divided into cast iron slag (slag discharged when smelting cast iron), steelmaking pig iron slag (slag discharged when smelting pig iron for steelmaking) and special pig iron slag (slag discharged when smelting pig iron with iron ore containing other metals, such as manganese slag and magnesium slag). According to the cooling method, physical properties and shape, can be divided into slow cooling slag (block, powder) and quench slag (granular, fibrous, porous and pumice).With the development of new wear-resistant materials and the continuous improvement of grinding technology, the use of vertical roller mill to grind slag has been successful, at present, domestic large iron and steel enterprises are using the vertical roller mill produced by our company for slag powder production, the equipment in the slag processing production by the user's high praise. 300000 tons of slag vertical grinding machine manufacturers, new quotation and slag processing equipment in industry, environmental protection is particularly important in the economic development, promoting the construction of ecological civilization, adhere to the basic state policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, in the process of industrial manufacturing, emit a large amount of industrial slag, such as calcium carbide slag, blast furnace slag, steel slag, slag, non-ferrous metals, etc., as a by-product of industrial production waste has become a thorny issue of troubled companies, industrial waste residue is put in the wrong place resources, its processing is a good way to processing of renewable resources. It is understood that slag, blast furnace, ironmaking, steelmaking process the inevitable product of production.
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