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Description: Ultra-fine powder vertical roller mill market frontier
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The development of ultra-fine micro-arc grinding machine in China is relatively late, which belongs to the late rise of products. However, with the rapid development of information in China's economic development, China's ultra-fine vertical roller mill has started late but developed rapidly. At present, China's vertical roller mill has reached or exceeded the development level of foreign vertical roller mills. Some technical innovations are even international first.
The future development direction of ultra-fine micro-powder vertical roller mills can be as follows:
1. Environmental protection requirements will be strengthened.
In the future, society will definitely be the focus of environmental protection. With the continuous deterioration of the environment, China and other countries are working hard to control environmental pollution. It has gradually banned some serious polluting enterprises, for vertical roller mills. The requirements of the equipment are also important to pay attention to environmental protection work.
2. Intelligent, user-friendly design will be the future direction of development.
The intelligent design includes intelligent circuit, intelligent operation of the system, integration of material conveying and grinding, and intelligentization. Any technological creation in this area will be an era of innovation, which will greatly improve work efficiency, especially the integrated design of material conveying and grinding. The user-friendly design pays more attention to the detailed design of the vertical roller mill, including automatic alarm design, equipment shape design, button design and so on.
3. More international considerations.
The international integration considerations are mainly designed to different ways of operation of domestic and foreign personnel, different operating habits, and even different attention to details, often resulting in non-localization of equipment, the future vertical roller mill needs to be appropriate for different regions. . Strive to make brands in different countries get the same experience as local products.
There are still many ways to go in the future development of vertical roller mills. The technical team of Shanghai SBM Machine Co., Ltd. will continue to develop new types of equipment, and more equipment that meets everyone's operating methods.
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