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Description: Precautions and related issues when purchasing a vertical roller mill
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When purchasing a vertical roller mill, pay attention to the following issues:
The actual quality of the equipment product: this is a crucial point. Since there are many manufacturers of vertical roller mill manufacturing enterprises, whether the equipment produced by these manufacturers meets the requirements for large-scale production of enterprises, whether they truly meet the national environmental protection grade standards, etc., must be investigated.
Second. The technical capabilities of the equipment supplier: See if the company can provide products with special specifications or special requirements, that is, design the products that suit you according to your actual needs. This can reflect the strength of a company from the side and test the strength of a company's research and development capabilities.
Third, the supply capability of equipment suppliers and the convenience and timeliness of equipment supply: The size of equipment suppliers' production capacity is especially important for production enterprises, and out of stock will bring immeasurable losses to the production of enterprises. To examine this point, one must look at the production capacity of the vertical roller mill production company, and the second depends on its market share.
Fourth, the price is reasonable: Under normal circumstances, everyone in the selection of vertical roller mill equipment price is a factor of importance, the same specifications of equipment, different manufacturers will have different prices, but not the lower the price, the better, so in the choice When you want to fully consider its cost performance. It is not a low price, it saves you investment funds, but you should pay attention to quality and cost-effective content.
Fifth, equipment supplier sales service system: Only suppliers with good sales services, such as timely solving technical problems encountered in production, timely and properly handle quality complaints, can truly protect the interests of customers and create benefits for customers.
In addition, before buying a vertical roller mill, you must shop around, analyze which model is suitable for your actual production, and do not blindly place orders, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble to yourself.
At present, there is still a big gap between the vertical roller mills in China and the advanced level in foreign countries. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for improvement in China's vertical roller mills. Mill manufacturers should clearly define the direction of development, quality is the brand and soul of long-term development, and technology is the constant driving force for development. Shanghai Shibang actively learns from domestic and foreign experts and hopes to use new strength to reward new and old customers and thank new and old customers for their loyalty.
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