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In the powder processing market, the vertical roller mill is a grinding equipment that meets the needs of large-scale processing. For the graphite powder project equipment, the value of vertical mill application is prominent, which is an ideal equipment to promote the purpose of high-efficiency milling of graphite powder processing. SBM heavy machinery mainly produces and manufactures milling equipment, contributing to the development of the powder industry. Graphite vertical mill grinding machine is deeply loved by the industry. SBM heavy machine professional custom selection scheme, equipped with graphite vertical mill machine price is more reasonable, welcome to call to understand.
Graphite powder is soft, black and gray; it has a greasy feel and can contaminate paper. The hardness is 1-2, and the hardness can be increased to 3 to 5 along with the increase of impurities in the vertical direction. The specific gravity is 1.9 to 2.3. Under the condition of insulating oxygen, its melting point is above 3000 °C, which is one of the temperature-resistant minerals. Graphite powder has remarkable high temperature resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, outstanding lubricity, good chemical stability, excellent plasticity, and superior thermal shock resistance. Therefore, graphite has been shown in many fields. Excellent characteristics have become the ideal equipment for the industrial sector. For processing graphite powder, special graphite vertical roller mill grinding machine made by SBM heavy machine can be used. This equipment has high grinding efficiency and strong adaptability of team materials. It is ideal for drying, grinding, grading and conveying. Milling equipment.
SBM heavy machine professional solution selection team, with rich experience in program production, strong sense of responsibility, strong solidarity and cooperation, according to the actual needs of customers, tailor-made configuration options, to provide exclusive graphite for different powder customers The mill price plan, SBM heavy machine has been using innovative development thinking to manufacture better quality grinding equipment, and to create ideal grinding equipment for many fields such as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and thermal power plant.
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