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As the main equipment used in the grinding of the ore milling production line, the vertical roller mill can easily achieve the purpose of changing the material discharge granularity and material shape. The model is complete and widely used. Among them, among the main components, grinding Roller as a wearing part, its material quality and processing technology will affect the grinding effect of the vertical mill, so it is very important for its choice, then where to buy the vertical mill roller? It is recommended to go to Shibang Industrial Technology Group to make purchases.1, the grinding roller material is excellentThe choice of the material for the vertical mill is very particular, because the length of use of the roller is related to the overall economic benefits. The grinding roller equipped with Shibang Industrial Technology Group adopts the alloying method. On the basis of ultra-high manganese material, it uses advanced rare earth metamorphism treatment, precious elements such as vanadium and vanadium to strengthen the matrix, so that it has toughness and wear resistance. It has also been upgraded a lot. The excellent quality of the grinding roller makes the reliability enhanced, and the comprehensive performance has been improved. It is one of the reasons for purchasing.2, strong technologyFor the processing of the grinding roller, it can also reflect the quality of its quality. The grinding roller of the vertical roller mill produced by Shibang Industrial Technology Group first adopts the double refining technology outside the furnace, which effectively reduces the harmful elements and improves the toughness and wear resistance of the material steel. Secondly, the heat treatment process is optimized to make the grinding The hardness of the roller is more uniform, and the impact abrasion resistance is stronger, and it is more durable in the process of grinding the material. This is the reason why users are advised to come to this choice.3. Other reasonsIn addition, one of the reasons for the manufacturer to purchase the vertical mill grinding roller is that it is very proficient in the number of grinding rollers installed, the fastening method, etc. After all, as a mining equipment expert, not only the production of accessories, Also know the key to the accessories.
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