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Description: Vertical roller mill grinding machine enhances the use of petroleum coke and is cost-effective
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Petroleum coke, driven by science and technology, the market application value continues to increase, and the use and application fields of petroleum coke are also expanding. In the petroleum coke milling industry, the price and selection of the new petroleum coke vertical roller mill of SBM heavy machine meets the development needs of the industry, and it has the technical advantages and characteristics of large output, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost. And a new type of milling equipment. As a high-tech enterprise, SBM Heavy Machinery takes scientific and technological innovation as its development mission and is determined to push higher-quality grinding machinery and equipment for the non-metallic mining industry.

Petroleum coke can be used in the industries of graphite, smelting and chemical industry depending on its quality. Low-sulfur, high-quality cooked coke (such as needle coke) is mainly used to manufacture ultra-high-power graphite electrodes and some special carbon products; in the steel-making industry, needle coke is an important material for developing new technologies for electric steelmaking. Medium sulfur, ordinary cooked coke, used in large quantities for aluminum smelting. High sulfur and ordinary coke are used in chemical production, such as the manufacture of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc., as well as fuel for metal casting. Most of the petroleum coke produced in China is low-sulfur coke, which is mainly used for aluminum smelting and graphite production. SBM heavy machine specializes in the petroleum coke milling industry. After continuous research and development and practice, the new petroleum coke vertical grinding mill produces excellent quality, scientific operation and stable performance. It is a high-quality scientific and technological equipment that promotes the value of petroleum coke.

SBM heavy machine oil coke vertical roller mill, mainly including vertical pendulum structure, maintenance-free grinding roller assembly, super-segmentation class machine, high-efficiency and energy-saving dust removal system, easy maintenance of transmission system, etc. The whole system is three-dimensional structure, from the breaking of raw materials , transportation, milling to the collection, storage and packaging of finished products, can be a complete production system, systemic, using pulse dust collection system to treat the residual air of the mill, the filtration efficiency can be up to 99%, using forced turbine classification The system has more uniform and finer granularity, and the finished product size range can be extended to 80-600 mesh. The classification accuracy is finer and the grading interval is larger. Combining the actual production requirements of each customer, we can customize the exclusive powder production line. The solution provides a cost-effective petroleum coke mill grinding machine price and selection scheme, and continues to create considerable profit value for petroleum coke milling customers.

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