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     I am proud to be on Writing Room, and would encourage anyone who is even thinking of doing some writing to just do it! :)  I never really planned on being an author, but did do a bit of writing in grade school and high school, and my high school English teacher always encouraged me to do more.  She offered her services to me before I left school.  She said, "If you ever decide to do some serious writing, I would be honored to help you edit, or merely read your work and give constructive feedback."  That was in 1964, and when I did my first draft, in 1994, of what eventually became my autobiography, "Accidentally Deliberate," I sent her a copy of the manuscript, which she read and sent back with comments on the contents of the book.  When I finally decided to complete  it (May 2007), I went back and read what she had written, which is why I ended up redoing the entire book.  The gist of it was the same, but I had other information to include, and put it in different form and style due to her loving comments.  When I finished my second book, "Siren's Call of the Caves," a children's fantasy(2009), once again I sent her a copy, but she had been battling cancer, and soon after I mailed the manuscript to her I found out she had passed away.  It was returned with a note that said she was proud of me having become a published author, and for carrying on with my new found passion of writing.  Betty was a wonderful and caring teacher who encouraged her students to be our best no matter what we did in life!  She truly was loved by all the students she taught throughout her years because she genuinely cared about us.     
     As for me, I have been getting back into my first love, which is performing, doing some stage acting, TV commercials, and voice over work.  This past year has been a tough whirl wind, for many reasons, which I won't go into, but I am slowly, but surely getting back into my writing and art work.  The art work on the cover of my books is mine.  I've dabbled in art most of my life, but seriously since my college years.
     I have been retired almost five years now, due to a hip replacement, and not wanting to do the grueling work as a full time massage therapist that I'd been doing for 27 years, I just wanted to get to another phase of growth and joy.  That ended up being writing.  Putting pen to paper and letting it flow naturally.  I rewrote my book in one month while recouping from my hip surgery.  I am looking forward to spending more time finishing yet another book, and hopefully three more after that.  :)
Good luck to all of you who are breaking into the world of writing and becoming a full fledged author!!  See you in the pages! :) :) :)
Love and Light,
writing JJ
First-time author who has written an autobiography entitled, "ACCIDENTALLY DELIBERATE," which contains material on abuse (mentally and physically), how I survived several severe car accidents and a sailboat trip through the middle of the Bermuda Triangle on a 32-ft. sailboat in 1976; also on the death of my mother in 2007, whom I was extremely close to , and how I have handled her death, as well as what I have learned from all my experiences.
I was an entertainer for 44 years, and worked in Las Vegas during the 60s and 70s when the Mobs owned the casinos. I have been in a myriad of other professions including being a certified massage therapist(CMT) for 28 years. I talk about the "Law of Attraction", being in the right place at the right time, and how fortune has followed me throughout my life.
I'm proud to have accomplished this, and have completed my second book, a children's fantasy, "Siren's Call of the Caves," which was released on 11-22-09. In addition to my first two books there are 4 other books that will contain my experiences on channeling(Mind Portal), regression, and more about my life in (World of Taboos)!
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