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Hello, there and welcome to my page on Writing Room. After a long, long (long) career as a nurse in the operating room I retired and now I do what I want. And what is it I waited all this time to do? Right! That's why I'm here too. 

Most of my days are spent with my two big dogs, writing, writing and thinking and reading (mostly about writing). I hope you enjoy the stories I post on the Writing Room and please, PLEASE, leave comments, positive or negative. I need feedback to know if what I write works.

I have a self-published novel out there in the ether called Interesting Times available on Amazon and ITunes. The protagonist of this book, Tom Verwarring, is a weak, flawed, agoraphobic divorced man with a traumatized past he's barely aware of and a life which is unraveling as he watches. The only good news is, he's not actually alone anymore

I also wrote a technical book on Ultrasound Guided Regional Nerve Blocks called The Neuraxiom Playbook fo Essential Nerve Blocks which is not fiction and mighty dry reading if you're not an anesthesiologist or someone whose job involves making human extremities numb. It's not a best-seller but it has helped quite a few people provide pain relief to other people with arm and leg injuries and surgeries, so it was a worthwhile venture for me.

There's also a short story I wrote called Invisible Birds also available on Amazon. It's about a man who wakes up one day and finds out he's been given the task of keeping reality in existence. Sound like fun? He didn't think so either.

I'm working on a second novel and in the meantime, I'm writing short stories. Maybe they'd be better called Small Stories as they average 1500 - 6000 words each and I try to write one each day, but I seldom accomplish that. 

My links look like this: 
Facebook - jack.vanderbeek.37
Twitter - @JackVander_Beek
Twitter - @Somebodyowesme

Small Stories: http://rising-gorge.com
Author Page: http://jackvanderbeek.com
Warm Up Blog: http://vanderspacebeek.com
A Fun Site http://somebodyowesmeanapology.com
Professional Technical Site: http://neuraxiom.com

Thanks for dropping by.

writing JackVB
Retired and Free to Create.
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