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Member Name Lauren Driver
Date of Birth 02/08/1987
Gender Female
Location California
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    • I graduated from a private High School by the skin of my teeth in 2005 and am currently taking college courses in hopes that I can someday walk out of there with an AA degree and a major in English.
      I love to read and write though I prefer reading others work to my own. I enjoy drawing though my talent is somewhat stunted when compared to others, at least in my own eyes. I have dated two guy exclusively and hope that the latest one turns more serious. I have had my poetry, of all things, published in The Red Wheelbarrow magazine and hope to add at least one more to my resume of 1.
      Hopefully I will be among the first group of editors for a startup editing company that an acquaintance of mine is starting this fall, which will boost my resume to two magazines that I have staffed on and helped bring to publication.

        • Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors along with JRR Tolkein and Stephen King.
          My four favorite books are Stardust, Neverwhere, The Hobbit, and The Dark Tower Series.

        • My favorite 'classic' movies would have to be Ladyhawke and Labyrinth.
          My favorites in the modern era would be Stardust and The Illusionist.

        • I'm a fan of many different genres and my favorites move around among them from week to week depending on my mood.
          The band Moonbabies and CD 'Gimme Fiction' have to be among that list as well as Enya, Clannad, Stars, Daughtry and Taylor Swift.

        • I am an Japenese Anime fan and like specifically InuYasha and Avatar. I also watch House MD on a weekly basis with my Father and Masterpiece Theater. CurrentTV is my main news channel though on many mornings I can be seen watching, to my shame, Live with Regis and Kelly.

        • I have always had a thing for comic books. It began in grade school with my Boy 'Friend' that would let me borrow his vast collection of Sonic The Hedgehog comics that he had hidden from his mother in his school desk. I gradually added to my repertoire but have always remained true the 'too cool' hedgehog that got me started way back in 1992. I also like to read XMen comics. The Sandman series written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by various artists is another series that I return to once in awhile.

        • I don't keep a record of the poets I read but I do like most of Frost's many works.

        • I read the Newspaper on occasion but mostly I just look at the front page from the newsstand rather than buy them.

        • I'll admit that I am addicted to the internet and my list of links is longer than most peoples hair.
          My main websites would be:

        • I don't have the stereotypical hero or heroine such as Harriette Tubman or ronald reagen, who were wonderful people and did great things but in my mind they allready have too many pedestals in too many hearts.
          My heroes/ines are the teachers that have taught me through the years and my sister who is a Special Ed teacher. For all the crap they have to go through they recieve less than what I feel they deserve.
          Think on this:
          lawyers earn $60-90 thousand a year and Doctors earn $150- $300 thousand a year while teachers earn a paltry $40-50 thousand a year on average.
          Yet, where would we be if all the teachers decided to leave because they weren't willing to put up with this? Look at California for your answer. We used to be one of the top states in education but now we have dropped to around the 50th place of 51.

        • In case your interested I read at 700 wpm with comprehension.

        • what I like to do in my spare time:
          read, write, draw, play my guitar, paint, and sing in the shower.

        • Red Wheelbarrow student edition in Spring 2007
          Red Wheelbarrow national edition in Fall/Winter 2007/08

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