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Member Name Jayne F
Date of Birth 01/04/1993
Gender Female
Location Australia
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    • I am actually a Physiotherapy student from Australia. Science is a passion of mine and I write because I love it, not because I'm any good! I'm hoping to learn from other members of Writing Room to improve my writing and build on my style. I'm always open to criticism!

        • Authors: Stephen King, Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Terry Pratchett, Charlaine Harris
          Books: The DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, Deception Point, Digital Fortress, Discworld, My Sister's Keeper, House of the Scorpion, The Sookie Stackhouse Series just to name a few!

        • Sweeney Todd is my all time favourite movie. My classics include The Fox and the Hound and Balto.

        • Silverchair, Gotye, Nickelback, Sam Sparro, John Williams (the classical guitarist), Karen Schaupp, Kate Bush, Lily Allen.

        • Family Guy, Supernatural, Six Feet Under, Dexter, House, Futurama, The Chaser's War on Everything, Black Books, The Gruen Transfer, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Deadwood, Carnivale, Sons of Anarchy.

        • Garfield, Zits, The Wizard of ID, Bound and Gagged, Pardon My Planet, Close to Home.

        • James Heitman!!! <3
          Henry Lawson

        • Reading, writing (duh), drawing, classical guitar, piano, video games.

      SUKIE   SUKIE wrote
      on 6/25/2010 2:06:55 PM
      I'm so happy to find familiar writers again and you are no exception! Just passing by to say hi. I don't always feel like writing and posting, but I guess...I'm on metronome which I need to smack on the floor and enjoy life around me more...inspiration is vital for any artists! Hope to read more from you soon.

      Rinskinski   Rinskinski wrote
      on 6/24/2010 7:15:20 AM
      Gee, I haven't written anything in ages! I've just been hit with some inspiration so hopefully I'll pick up the ball again soon! :)

      Solamon   Solamon wrote
      on 6/24/2010 6:23:23 AM
      Thank you for your comment on my page =) Hey where in Australia do you live? ..if you don't mind my asking. I'm from Australia - Sydney.

      Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
      on 2/12/2010 7:09:54 AM
      Oops forgot about the comment on Shattered Souls.... thank you ^.^ I do have music with it and I'm not sure; I don't know a lot about that for guitar, I'm ashamed to say lol. It's all basic chords; C major, E minor, etc. etc. Wish I could tell you more or show you :/

      Michele   Michele wrote
      on 9/2/2009 7:22:27 PM
      Thank you for your kind comments--Pair of Poets was written so long ago! Wrote more poems about the same short-lived romance...everybody should have a rebound romance with a Spanish-speaking musician, at least once!

writing Rinskinski
"Painters paint their pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." - Leopold Stokowski

"Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony?" - Leonardo da Vinci
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