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Member Name Rion Wilhelm
Date of Birth 02/28/1945
Gender Female
Location Sacramento, California
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    • Rion Wilhelm writes Romantic Suspense and Science Fiction under a pseudonym. She shares her home in Northern California's Wine Country with her son, George, and her two cats, Orlando and Psycho Sid Vicious.

        • Books that have made a lasting impression on me.

          "Nine Princes in Amber" (fantasy)by Roger Zelaszny
          "The Power of Myth" (Mythology) by Joseph Campbell
          The Elric Saga (fantasy - entire series) by Michael Moorcock
          "Black God's Kiss" (fantasy - short story) by CL Moore
          "Lord of the Rings" (fantasy) by J. R. R. Tolkien
          "The First Team" (Thriller) by John Ball
          "Black Elk Speaks" (anthropology) by John G. Neihardt
          The Foundation Series (sf) by Isaac Asimov
          "The Star" (SF - short story) by Arthur C Clark
          "The Martian Chronicles" (SF) by Ray Bradbury
          "Three Hearts and Three Lions" (fantasy) by Poul Anderson
          "The Prince of Midnight" (romance) by Laura Kinsale
          "Twice in Time" (fantasy) by Manly Wade Wellman
          "She" and "King Solomons Mines" (adventure) by H. Rider Haggard
          "Gods, Graves and Scholars" (Archaeology) by C.W. Ceram

        • "The Wind and the Lion" screenplay by John Milius
          "The Right Stuff" screenplay by Tom Wolfe
          "Excalibur" screenplay by Rospo Pallenberg and John Boorman
          "The DaVinci Code" screenplay by Akiva Goldsman
          "The Illusionist" screenplay by Neil Burger
          The Lord of the Rings Trilogy screenplays by Fran Walsh
          "Apollo 13" screenplay by William Broyles Jr & Al Reinert
          "The Longest Day" screenplay by Cornelius Ryan
          "Out of Africa" screenplay by Kurt Luedtke
          "Where Eagles Dare" screenplay by Alistair MacLean
          "Star Wars" screenplay by George Lucas
          "The Quiet Man" screenplay by Frank S. Nugent
          "Red River" screenplay by Borden Chase
          "Charade" screenplay by Peter Stone

        • Kris Kristopherson, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Billy Joel, Puccini, Kitaro, David Lanz, Lisa Lynne, Himikami

        • NCIS Starring Mark Harmon (current)
          Defiance ensemble cast (current)
          Crusade, ensemble cast (1999)
          Into the West - ensemble cast (2005)
          Game of Thrones - ensemble cast (current)
          Homicide, life on the streets ensemble cast (1993-199)
          The Magician starring Bill Bixby. (1973)
          The Adventures of Ellery Queen starring James Hutton (1975)
          Moonlight starring Alex O'Loughlin (2007)
          The West Wing - Ensemble cast (1999)
          Firefly - Ensemble cast (2002)
          Babylon 5 - Ensemble cast (1994)
          Deep Space Nine - Ensemble cast (1993)
          Space: Above and Beyond starring James Morrison (1995)
          Battlestar Galactica (new version) (2004)
          Law and Order (original) (1990)
          The X-Files starring David Duchovny (1993)
          The Pretender starring Michael T Weiss (1996)
          Highlander starring Adrian Paul (1992 - 1998
          The Twilight Zone created by Rod Serling (1959-1964)

        • Marvel X-Men, Jim Steranko, Watchmen, Neil Adams, Nick Fury Agent of Shield, Batman

        • Tennyson, Ogden Nash, Poe, Alfred Noyes, Steven Vincent Benet, Shel Silverstein, Maya Angelou

        • Painting, jewelry design and crafting, camping, disc golf

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writing Rion_Wilhelm
Reality is a poor substitute for a good fantasy!
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