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WritingRoom Expert Jackie
Professional, award winning writer with over 12 years experience writing and editing in various genres and industries.
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Location Ohio
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    • Professional, award winning writer with over 12 years experience writing and editing in various genres and industries.

      JmlB   JmlB wrote
      on 11/3/2011 3:05:09 PM
      hey there, thought you could help me with something if you have a spare minute or two..I have an essay in philosophy to do on "what is the use/purpose/good of philosophy?" and I have to do 4-6 pages using examples,quotes,convincing the reader that my answer is the right one,arguments,ect. Deadline is in 1 days time! The teacher says to to an intro then develop in 3 parties of 3 different hypothsies and then in those 3 parties find as many arguments as you can to illustrate the point. He also wants it to be personal and the longer the better. :/ arghhh philo is hard! "what is the purpose of philo?" -- we are meant to explore the uses and why it can be seen as unuseful(like in todays society its less highly looked upon- people think philosophers just ask endless questions with no answers!!) If you are interested would love any more points/help on starting and developping.... if you can?I dont know whether this is something you like and is a bit weird to ask you when i dont know you but it seems that you have had more experience than me, if not no worries will make up something or other! Just cant get my plan or introduction started, have listed a ton of ideas just need to organise and then develop - the intro is the hardest part for me. Thanks Josie

      Bronkerz   Bronkerz wrote
      on 12/30/2010 9:55:19 PM
      hi jackie, so im 13 and im really into writing. ive wrote about say 10-12 fiction books, but i always end them short. i try and try to add more details to make it interesting but when i do i think they come out wrong. could you give some advice on how to like thicken and make my books better....i write varieties of appreciate if you could answer me back, i really wanna become a great writer....plezzz thanks, elysa

      whomovedthecat   whomovedthecat wrote
      on 11/3/2010 11:52:15 AM
      Hi Jackie, I've just taken up writing short stories again. While I wrote in HS and college (which was about 10 years ago) and got to go to workshops during that time, I always had a way of avoiding revising my stories and avoiding building in a coherence and structure that made them fully/sufficiently developed. As I have more time now, I've begun writing and am hoping to work on 1-3 works to submit to some competitions in the next few months. One piece has gotten some drastically mixed opinions. I was wondering if I could send you some of it and get your feedback on what works and what doesn't. I am particularly looking for things I need to work on in terms of plot/style/characterization. Thanks.

      Kalisto Barques   Kalisto Barques wrote
      on 3/13/2010 7:50:02 PM
      Hi Jackie. I've been writing and telling stories all my life. I've written several novel length works of fiction, but I"m running up against a wall when it comes to breaking into print. These works are like my children. I care for them, nurture them, watch them grow... And now I am really beginning to get frustrated. Would it be possible for you to look at one of them for me and tell me why? Thanks. Tami

      jedieh04   jedieh04 wrote
      on 1/24/2009 10:48:01 AM
      Hey jackie! I write psychological fiction and poetry i have been writing for a year now. I am working on a play for a contest on Asperger's. If you could help me on producing great action in my dialogue to smooth out my transitions. Thanks.

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