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Member Name Santana Commisso
Date of Birth 07/05/1997
Gender Female
Location Canada
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    • I love to read, write sleep and eat. I've been dreaming of becoming a published writer for a few years now and am hoping that one day I can pursue my dream. I adore music. I'm into artists like Matt and Kim, Young the Giant, The Killers etc... but usually if a certain sound peaks my interest I'm hooked (Y)

        • *Anything* Sarah Dessen
          Most definitely "Nightworld" and "The Vampire Diaries" by L.J. Smith
          "Shiver" "Forever" and "Ballad" by Maggie Stiefvater
          "House of Night series" by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast (only the first 5 though..personally i think the series is being dragged on a little too long)
          A dabble of Melissa Marr
          A hint of Nicholas Sparks
          And, although it is expected, the "Twilight Saga" by Stefanie Meyer (come on! those were some amazing books)

          As for hobbies...
          Reading Sleeping Eating Laughing Breathing...all of lifes essentials

        • MARS ATTACKS! i still remember the first time I watched this movie...curled up on the floor in some relative's house in Italy...the kitchen was (predictably) bustling with loud foreign chitchat while me and my brothers tried to avoid conversations as much as possible!
          Armageddon-one of mine and my moms favourites <3
          Independence Day-one of mine and my Dads favourites
          Ironman ONE! -i wasnt too fond of number two
          Transformers ONE!-the next two did not change my opinon at all
          and well a bunch of other movies

        • Young the Giant
          The Killers
          The Wombats
          Mumford and Sons
          Matt and Kim
          My Chemical Romance
          Joe Purdy
          City and Colour
          Our Lady Peace
          Tokyo Police Club
          Broken Social Scene
          Cage the Elephant
          Foster the People
          and many MANY more

        • well dont really watch too much tv...
          but i love
          The Vampire Diaries
          Spongebob <3

        • 'THE X-MEN' all the way! i think the entire idea of this series is absolutely brilliantbrilliantbrilliant

        • still have yet to familiarize myself in this area

        • Ironman. Obama.

        • "If you can't hold on, hold on" The Killers (All These Things That I've Done)
          "Even when we're apart, we'll always be looking at the same sky" (or something like that) Ash Redfern in Daughters of Darkness (Nightworld, L.J. Smith)
          "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" Mahatma Gandhi
          "Real Eyes Realize Real lies." (<- not really a favourite, but i find the word play clever. Very clever.)
          "Trust me. I'm a doctor." Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes (simply LOVELOVELOVE jude law as dr. watson!)

        • i have a gelatinous chocolate lab named Charlie who devours EVERYTHING,, but with a jiggle of his fat and a bad of his eyes all is forgiven.
          I used to have a bunny named Daisy who gave me murderous when someone asks about her, we say "What bunny?"
          I am full on Calabrese, both sides from the same town.
          I love Tim Burton creations, but especially his animated films (Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas)
          I literally spent the entire summer after realizing I wanted to be a writer IN MY ROOM with my laptop and a few good books to keep me company
          As much as i love my parents, I disapprove completely of Mother's Day and Father's Day-what about those who've lost a parent? These days do nothing but remind them of what their missing. Totally unfair.
          My dream vacation is to go to China to see the rose gardens
          My zodiac sign is Cancer
          I've been told i have a loud mouth, but I believe in always speaking your mind
          and that's about it!

      SUKIE   SUKIE wrote
      on 7/27/2011 4:06:27 PM
      Thank you for your wonderful comment...have a wonderful summer and I hope you will come back soon again. ---SUKIE

writing Writer_Girl1234
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