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I Told You So - Thriller
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--This story is closed
Sep 15, 2016 12:49 PM Introduction
smithra started with:
I know things. To me, everyone is transparent—most are phoney. Of the people I know and the people I meet, I know this: they wish me harm. All of them do. They conspire together, I see them talking. One is always sent to follow me—observe—as one is now. I saw him in the hallway when I returned from the washroom. They have cameras mounted everywhere. Maybe it’s to gather information; maybe they’re waiting for me to be alone. Whichever it is, the goal is the same. They aim to take my life, or my information, or both—probably both. I can lose the followers. Sometimes this takes work; often they’ll switch off and another will tail me. The swap is meant to throw me off. I’m not easily fooled and I do lose them… eventually. My name is Alfred Morris and I work for the government. The mailroom is my domain and delivering mail is my game. Ha. Yeah, that rhymes. I can turn a phrase, bust a rhyme, rarely does it take much time. “What are you grinning at, loser?” snarled Stacey as she walked past. With a curled lip, I fired back, “Nothing.” She was the loser anyway. I’ve been with the department for twenty-two years, this was only her second. And the only reason she’s still here is because Mark likes her. I gave her a—oh crap, there’s the guy that started trailing me in the hallway. I was quick to duck out of site. I didn’t know who that guy at the office door was, but he didn’t look right. Who the hell is that guy? I thought, peering from behind the post. The guy knocked on the door’s frame and then just stood there—waiting, watching. It was obvious that he was looking for me. They all thought they were smooth—stealthy—but I saw them a mile away.