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The School Bully. - Drama
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Jan 14, 2010 07:03 PM Introduction
StephersG started with:
Sitting outside the school gates, I wait nervously for Stan Feers to come out of class. My mind whirls at the prospect of seeing him, knowing what i must do and say. Nerves and fear play a part in making my decisions. I can see a crowd forming, they have heard about the possible fight. Hands in pocket, i glance at the growing audience, knowing that i am about to be put on display and that I must perform. My hands are clammy and i wipe them roughly down my school trousers. I pull an handfull of change from my pocket and count the coins. Not enough, i need more.

What will he say about that?

I see him making his way out of the school, a group of friends surrounding him, offering him encouragement. They all look this way, none of them wanting to admit that they play a part in this scenario. As they get closer, I feel my heart racing, adrenaline kicks in and I feel ready to survive.

Racing towards Stan, i see the fear in his eyes as his secondary school bully approaches him. He looks at me, tears ready to spill from his eyes and i feel the raw fear that comes from his every pore. And I love it. My audience waits as I approach my prey.
Apr 07, 2010 08:13 PM Entry #1
As I continue approach my prey steadily... I feel my heart rate racing, my heart thumps as if it is a tv cartoon character over come with some feverish persistent love you know the kind pepe le pew feels whilst he chases the cat painted as a skunk.

I stand boldy in front of my prey the voices of the crowd grow louder and louder till eventually it becomes hungry and bloody thirsty like a pack of ravenous wolves on the hunt for fresh prey.

But me I cant hear nothing this to me is just white noise fading into the oblivion I feel the crow growing anticipating my every move of my body mouth and soul time is standing still and all I can focus as I can only focus on one thing getting this job done!

I need more money to buy myself another packet of cigarettes that I so desperately need to make the girls in year 11 think that im cool and also in my vain attempt to make them accept me and not just laugh at me when they see me in the school corridor or by the side of the school buiding trying to borrow a cigarette so I can stand with the older kids and look cool and smoke.

I move my lips and try to start what i have to say which i have rehearsed in my mind over and over since the last bell for last period rang. Insated no sound comes out! I instead op for the more agressive option i grab the little toad by the scruff and shake the little maggot and I say "Hey where is the money I told you to bring five punds to me by the end of the day you little shrimp".

To which Stan Feers the little idiot faints in my arms I struggle to hold the guy up My friend Micheal grabs me by the arms and says "let go man he is gone".
The world stops becoming a blur I snap out of it like waking up dead fast as if having a horrible dream or nightmare. 
At that moment I let the passed out and let the maggot slip through my fingers and as if he were a leaf floating in the wind silently fall to the ground.

To which then i turn to run as I hear Miss Drew behind me the crow disperses and everybody runs away in a sheer panic like if somebody were stood in the middle of a crowded place shouting 'we are all going to die at the top of thier lungs' Only no body was shouting it was Mrs Drew coming up fast behind me shouting at me to stop.

I ignore her plees to stop and my heart races again like the speed if light i turn and i think im still running well at leaste I think I am but no I have been held by the scruff of the neck by Mrs Drew my legs and body still flailing widly in the spring wind.

She bends down and looks me straight in the eye and says

"Boy tommorow I will deal with you! I will see you in my office first thing in the morning'.