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The Stand Off - Drama
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Oct 11, 2009 06:19 AM Introduction
kdstorm started with:
"Hang up the phone." The muffled voice demanded from behind the yarned ski mask as he pressed the cold metal against her head. Without uttering a word she did as he asked. Sliding a hand into her smock to hit the speed dial on her cell that no one knew she carried with her. Her eyes never leaving the trigger. She prayed the number she dialed could hear everything going on but wouldn't speak.
"Give me the money." she held her hands where he could see them as she turned towards the register to do what he asked "Put your hands down." He pressed the gun harder against her skin "I don't want somebody driving by to see what I am doing you stupid BITCH." she flopped them back down to her side as tears slipped down her face.
"I just need to get through this." she told herself. "If I get through this I will be okay." she told herself as she pulled all the money out of the register and stuffed it into the have a nice day bag which seemed to mock her at the moment with it's empty greeting.
He jerked the gun from her hand and turned to run out the door. She let out a breath of relief. It was almost over. She had survived it. Her relief was very short lived.
"DAMN IT!" his displeasure could be heard through out the store. Her heart sunk to her stomach as she saw the blue lights pulling in and filling up the parking lot. Not only had Bobby  heard but he had called the police. If only they had waited just a few more minutes so he could have gotten out the door. "Throw me thee keys!" He pointed his pistol back at her.
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Oct 15, 2009 09:50 AM Entry #1
poe wrote:
    She was stunned. She had been so close to surving a life threatning situation with minimal difficulty, only to have that inkling of hope smashed.  Therefore she was slow to respond to his demand for the keys.
    The masked man was now in a panicked state, and the calmness Louis had mustered early on during the robbery was disappering rapidly. The situation was spiraling out of control and even the three customers laying quietly on the floor began to moan in distress. The assaliant yelled again , "Throw me the god damn keys!"
    Louis ran her hands through her hair to buy a moment of time to think.  keys, keys,keys. She thought to herself.  She took too long.  Before she realized what was happening the intruder had hopped the counter and grabbed her roughly by the collar of her yellow mini mart vest the gun bulky in her peripheral view.  "What keys!"  She screamed startled.
    "Fuck them keys, where's the back door?"
    She pointed to the narrow hall to the left of the counter. "Down that hall and to the left." She said glad to know at least he had plans to leave and not draw this thing out.
    "Thanks, now come on," he said quickly spinning her around,  placing his arm around her neck, and placing the barrel of his gun to her rib cage. 
    Today was just not her day.
Dec 15, 2009 10:45 AM Entry #2

And not just a bad day, but going to hell in a handbag at the speed of light.

            Louis’s mind started racing faster than her feet were scrambling to stay under her as the masked gunman dragged her toward the back of the store.  Following her directions, he turned left at the end of the hall.  The emergency exit was directly ahead.  Louis quickly decided to try to reason with the gunman.  “You know,” she struggled to say, “you don’t have to do this.”  The gunman came to a quick stop, releasing his grasp on her and pulling her to a fully erect stand all in one fluid motion.  “Keep your fucking mouth shut,” he hissed, “and you might make it out of this alive.” 

            They were standing so close that the gunman’s words hit her square in the face, accented by his foul breath that quickly made Louise think of fresh sewage on a hot summer day.  Holding Louis roughly by the arm, the gunman had his other hand on the handle of the door about to make his escape with Louis in tow.  Just before pushing the door open a voice boomed in from the outside filling the entire store.  “Gunman, this is the police.  We have all exits of the store covered.  Come out now with your hands up and no one will get hurt.”

Jan 14, 2010 01:38 PM Entry #3
StephersG wrote:
Louis struggled against the gunman's tight grip, but failed to get loose. She wanted to run, wanted to hide, but the cold steel of the gun was a reminder that her efforts for survival would be in vain. Her only hope was to ride this nightmare through. This man wanted to run and hide, just as much as she did, he was stuck in a building, surrounded by armed police. Louis tried to picture this mans parents and whether they were good people. What could push a person into a crime like this? Or into any crime for that matter? Where were the people who loved him? Was he loved? She knew she shouldnt be sympathetic towards this crazed man's situation, but she couldnt help pondering his life.  Seconds of deliberation were enough for the gunman to decide that this exit was just as bad an idea as the first.
'Fuck!! Are there any other exits?'
Louis hesitated for a few moments as her shocked state took in his question. Looking up at her captor, she stutted, both scared and exhausted.
'Fucking come on! Where are the exits?'
He put the barrel of his gun against her temple and pushed it deep into her skin. The pain jolted her brain to life and she fired directions to him.
'There is a side door which leads into the next building. The police might already have it guarded, but its the only other option.'
Louis looked at him fiercely, half pleading for him to end this plan. He removed the gun from her head and pushed her roughly forward, causing her to trip over and fall onto her front.
Steadying her balance as she stood back up, Louis wondered at how all this would end.
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