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Time Will Tell - Romance
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Jan 21, 2008 03:27 PM Introduction
debby started with:
Glancing at her watch, hands filled with miscellaneous items she may or may not need throughout the day, Hailey rushes into a crowded building. Knowing that she isnt really qualified for the job interview that is about to take place, desperation coupled with last nights dream forced her to go anyway. Running her fingers through her unkempt long red hair, Hailey checks her watch again, "Oh crap, I'm late." Stumbling into the elevator her beseaching brown eyes search for someone to help her.
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Jan 21, 2008 07:24 PM Entry #1
JB wrote:
Two candidates emerged from the crowd when they indicated the same floor as where she was heading. Just her luck, those two were discussing some challenges of designing plans for new building given “green” construction standards. The shorter fellow said, “the material is so costly, no wonder the government has to offer tax subsidies”. The taller more handsome man responded, “Yeah, but the politicians push the environmental angle. Otherwise they’ll just zone the area as historic, protecting it from any meaningful development. That would not do our client any good. Plus, we charge 20% more to draw up plans based on the ‘green technology’. The firm likes that, especially Patterson.” Hailey was pleased with the info. They peaked at her from the mirrored angels of the elevator and she let out a smirk. Hailey flashed back to her dream.
Jan 23, 2008 10:58 PM Entry #2
There she was, accepting the award for helping to "green-up" the city. This was her dream. It was going to be a challenge. It wasnt really in the job description she was about to interview for. The job she was interviewing for required tearing down trees. Tearing down swing sets and slides and the only little bit of tranquility the city offered to its residents. But what is she to do, she is broke and about to be kicked out of her crappy little apartment, a job is a job.
Feb 28, 2008 10:32 PM Entry #3
Butterfly wrote:
Haley makes her way to the office of Stiner and Stiner on the 78th floor. The receptionist at the desk greets her with a giant lipstick stained smile "How may I help you today?" she asks Haley. "I have an appointment for the project manager position". "What's your name?" "Haley Michelob." "Like the beer?" "Yeah." "Cool name...Your appointment is with Jenna, but she's sick today". "Oh?" Haley tries to hide her anger, on her budget that $7 for the cab ride could have gone a long way. "I'm sorry," the receptionist doesn't know what else to say. "It's ok, I guess" Haley mumbles back. A bellowing voice comes from down the hall. "Janice? Janice, I lost my keys again." The body belonging to the voice appears. He is handsome, chisled cheeckbones yet warm eyes, his warms eyes meet Haley's and they lock.
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