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Uncle Teds Savanah Estate - Drama
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Apr 23, 2008 07:47 AM Introduction
Waggy started with:
"Tony where are you?" she screamed with all her might. "Please come back. I don't know how I will live without you!" "What should I do? If I go I go back I will surely never wish to leave again, but I need to leave. It will be better for her." There cold air blew against his face as he continued to walk down the dark lonesome road. He would never be able to go back again. How could she ever forgive him for leaving this way? It all started with her Uncle's death in Savanah. The man was a millionaire and loved her like a daughter, but hated me with a passion. The will clearly stated: Ten million dollars and my Savanah estate goes to Helen Wiyes with one contitency. She divorces her husband and begins a new life. "How could I stay? She would lose everything. It would definately be better to start again without me."........
May 02, 2008 03:43 PM Entry #1
Tony kept on walking, without even a glance over his shoulder. He knew he was doing the right thing. Helen was his childhood sweetheart. They had gotten married on her uncle's estate, after she found out that she was pregnant. Her frail young body couldn't handle the pregnancy and she miscarried in the begining of her fifth month. Everyone in Helen's family had wantd them to get the marriage annulled, but he was a firm believer in his vows, until death do us part...until now.
Oct 06, 2008 09:33 AM Entry #2
G_Money wrote:
Helen lay in a crumpled heap, her tears forming a small pool on the dusty floor. She had given up everything she once held dear for the love of her life and considered it no sacrifice. Her family's disapproval held no sway over her and the loss of their son...her heart ached to think of it...had drawn her closer to Tony. His abandonment over something as slight as mere money tore through her like a jagged blade. She knew his heart and that he meant well but what he meant for her good felt like another death.