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Yet Another Night - Drama
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Feb 28, 2008 11:25 PM Introduction
Butterfly started with:
Back and forth, round and round, she paces in figure eights, in criss crosses, she has been doing this for so long that the carpet has worn thin in some places. "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, why can't I go to sleep?" She jumps up and down, mad at herself, mad the ambien and even more mad at the bottle of tequila. "Maybe if I turned off the lights. That would probably be a good start." She trapses over to the light switch and flicks it off. "Now I can't see the bed", and she flicks it back on. "This is ridiculous. I can't sleep, I can't turn off the light and worst of all...I'm talking to myself. Well who else am I supposed to talk to? Oh that's bad, now I'm asking myself questions. There will be no more talking. No more I say." She flicks the lights off and fumbles back towards her bed, slowly feeling her way. She reaches forward and feels the soft cushion of her mattress and crawls into bed. She lays still, corpse like for what seems like an hour, eyes open, pupils dialated in the darkness. Still no sleep, she begins to kick and thrash around the bed.
Mar 27, 2008 02:12 PM Entry #1
Bluez wrote:
After what seemed like another couple of hours of tossing and turning in the bed, she finally felt she was comfortable enough that she could sleep. She closed her eyes and concentrated, slowing her breath and thinking of good things rather than all the things vexing her thoughts so much lately. Her eyes hurt from being open so long and she remembers the word "ulcerated" but not exactly what that means and then she feels herself drifting away, finally off to sleep and then the damn alarm clock goes off! She sits up, and angrily glares at it for a moment, seeing the soft glow pulse back at her cheefully, she can stand it no longer and reaches for it, taking it and pounding it as hard as she can into the corner of the nightstand until sparks fly and then the glow dies. Satisfied, she leans back into the soft mattress again and feels the light of a new day as it pours through the window and onto her face. She starts to feel the tequila though, and puts one foot on the floor to be sure, yet she still runs to the bathroom and just barely makes it there before leaving yesterdays lunch AND dinner in the bottom of the bowl. She wipes her chin off and laughs at the few things she does remember about last night. But then she remembers why it was so hard for her to sleep and kicks her feet over the edge of the bed.
Apr 20, 2008 11:48 PM Entry #2
Waggy wrote:
It is morning now, but why get up? There's nothing left. Her brain twists and turns on it's own little roller coaster ride trying to figure out what she did wrong. "Why," she kept asking herself. What had she done that was so wrong? She remebered being a little flirtatious, but not a horror. She wasn't a Lady of the Street. "You never get it on the first night Bud,' as she had walked away. She coul recall the entire evening now...
May 02, 2008 02:42 PM Entry #3
Leaving the Doctor's office after a full day of testing, had exhausted her. Her best friend Rachael had insisted that she go out with her and her boyfriend Steven, even if it was just for one drink. After being badgered for over an hour Lauren finally agreed to meet them at the local bar, 'Filler Up', for a quick Martini. After waiting 10 minutes, Lauren was just getting ready to leave,when Rachael and Steven rushed in. "Sorry we're late," they chimed in unison. "We stopped to pick up Seth. Seth this is Lauren." "Nice to meet you Seth," Lauren said as graciously as she could under the circumstance. "Let me buy you a drink," Seth insisted, "After all I have heard you have been through today, I bet you can use one." Lauren shot Rachael a not so subtle look, and accepted the offer, "Grey Goose, straight up, thanks." Seth scurried to the bar and ordered. Lauren glarred at Rachael and said, How could you tell someone about my day? It's none of anyone's business...and why ...why would you bring a stranger out with us tonight of all nights?"