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Location United States
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    • I been writing since i was seven years old and I love placing my word on paper. I love fantasy, and writing about it I love my friends, family. I am a thirty five year old and want to write again. I need to write to get things out. I love reading and want to write.

        • Anne Rice and Steven King

        • Fight Club, KILL BILL 1&2

        • Pieces of me Ledis

        • CSI,HOUSE, BONES

        • Antionette Nixon

        • I will live to my fullest

        • Selling Sex toys

      rayers   rayers wrote
      on 2/26/2013 6:31:14 PM
      Ms. deemartin: Have you had a chance to look at my magazine: Aegis Publishing House: As I mentioned in my message to you. If you're intrested in writing, please communicate with me at this email address: I will give you a writing assignment to see how you handle it. If you handle it to my satisfaction, I will ask you to write either a fiction, or a nonfiction piece. If I accept what you have written for publication in my magazine, you will be paid for your work. Pay is small, but you will be compensated for the work you submit. I look forward to hearing from you at: Sincerely, Ronald Ayers Publisher-Editor: Aegis Publishing House

      rayers   rayers wrote
      on 2/24/2013 3:11:06 PM
      Hello Ms. deemartin: Thank you for asking me to be your friend. I read your poem. "Facebook Whores." Passionate, and unpolished. I publish an online magazine, the Aegis Publishing House magazine located at: Take a look at the website. If you're interested in learning how to write, if you can follow the instuructions I give you, I will give you the opportunity to write and publish in my magzine. After you take a look at the magazine, contact me here in the writing room, or at: Tell me in four paragraphs about yourself, and about the type of writing you like to do. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ronald Ayers Publisher-Editor: Aegis Publishing House magazine.

writing deemartin
Life, love, family, sex, friends
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